LARP War Journal: Two Teams and Shenanigans


At this point it takes a bit more than it simply being Labor Day weekend for me to miss and event. If anything has been proven so far, it has been that sometimes when you have fewer people, you tend to have a bit more fun. I was glad for the people who actually did show up because they are usually the ones who are looking to have a good time. I was actually impressed that a fair number of Goblins showed up as well as one who decided he wanted to be a Bugbear (Which I fully approve because you would too if you saw it).

The only thing that would have kept this event from being a thing was the rain that had come before. You know how it is when some parks will allow you to play through a field regardless of it being wet, while others are a bit more strict about the possibility of you tearing it up. Probably why some players have tried raising the thought that we should consider indoor fields for certain times where you know it isn’t suitable to use a field outside.

Getting back to the other Gobbos and Bugbear showing up, that made all the difference in entertainment. I mean the first thing that whipped out when we all got set up was our horns and we made sure everybody heard them. At this point it is always a given that if you see a Goblin or a group of them, you’re going to hear something loud whether you like it or not. We even got a picture together to prove that we managed to get that many people out together at the same time. The highlight for us was clearly what we did during the Land Actions. We forewarned most people before the event that we would attack the country with the lowest attendance, and did exactly that. More importantly we attacked the country that didn’t even show up for the automatic win. The laughs from that made it worth it. Especially since this seems like something that they are going to continue doing every event just to spite those who don’t show up.

This was also one of those events where we didn’t quite have anything planned either, so it was pretty much Goblin run as well since no one else stepped up. I’m going to assume that no one genuinely thought ahead on this one since around this time of the year you usually prepare for the pre-adventure to a campout and then the actual campout adventure following. So it was most two team fighting the whole way through. The first time in a while that I really run myself ragged. Tried some time with sword, with daggers, didn’t do very much spell casting since I was catching myself out of breath at a point. Though had enough energy to cast Burning Hands which is a rarity. That one is fun since it gave me the chance to sneak behind people and hug them which in turn burns them. Worked so well till the archers took their aim. Some of us Goblins found ourselves unfortunately at their mercy. For this almost being your average day event, surprisingly a lot of people enjoyed themselves. The fighting didn’t stop till people had nothing left in the tank to continue. That is usually when you would say you got your money’s worth for coming out there.

What truly humored me this event was that there was someone who really tried to be a killjoy about the Goblin antics. The cabbage we throw at players are real spells or components, its just a joke thing that can distract the right person when thrown at them. So he decides to tell me that its confusing to new players, but from my perspective they were enjoying these whimsical things so I wasn’t seeing where he was coming from. That or even why during the ‘Newbie Speech’ before every event it wasn’t emphasized what they should expect that isn’t legal. The game of another player shouldn’t halt for another player because they are new. I enjoy new players, but lets never act as if a moment of confusion is going to ruin their experience.

At the end of the day, 80% or 90% of the time it will be a Goblin throwing it. Just grow a pair and take it lol. That or don’t take it cause it doesn’t do anything. The irony is pretty funny since they will tell you to create your own RP, but whine once it begins to interfere with their fighting because god forbid you don’t win.

The morning of that event I did question if I was even willing to get out of the bed for it. Especially since the weekend before was a weekend long adventure, but I can’t say I regret it. Good fun, notable interactions, and of course it was better than the alternative to how I might have spent my day.

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