Legacies “Malivore” Review


As far as supernatural shows go, Legacies has really hit the track running since the first episode. I don’t think there has been a breath of air taken to really let all this madness sink in that started with the theft of the knife. I had my worries here and there about certain character decisions, but they are easily overlooked when it comes down to the bigger picture and the influence this has on the well-being of these students.

I like the direction that Legacies is taking so far. There is that CW teen drama that comes with a show like this, but it doesn’t waste too much of your time with it either. Things got real once it was announced that threw would be voting for an honor council. It was right kind of obstacle to throw at these students, while at the same time a challenge for them to really get around the school to interact with the student body. Some things were predictable. As in you could see the result coming a mile away. The vampire vote was nothing you didn’t piece together from the first look that MG gave the other vampires around him. You already knew who wasn’t getting the vote from the witches. The turnout for the witch vote was a shocker, yet at the same time appreciated for the way that it clarified a certain rivalry that had too much vagueness surrounding it. The werewolf vote? That is what should have sent most for a loop. That was going to turn into madness, and the only question was how. Everything about them was shaken up by the end of the episode and I couldn’t wait to see what could come next from that.

When the honor council was finally formed to make their first vote. That was probably the most intense scene that we had gotten out of the students up to this point. A whirlwind of emotions when you could see where everyone stood on what mattered most for the safety of the school. That kind of thing must always be present consistently in this show. I can’t stress that enough when as I said above, you need a balance to the cliche teen drama.

Now Landon and Hope going through this series of magical tests on him was one of the more endearing series of scenes. I loved how these two continued to interact. You could see a lot of would they/might they. You could also see a lot of layers peeled off from them that wouldn’t have happened under different circumstances. This was one of Hope’s better episodes when she is showing a self-awareness that she is acting upon. A big difference knowing what makes you troubled, and  doing something to fix it. How she bettered herself through this one-on-one time with Landon was innocent, it was cute, and what we need to see more of. To take any steps back would be troublesome for the writing. As for Landon, this guy really is my favorite character. On the surface he is normal, and he is someone who we all can relate to in some way. Maybe not for his living situations, but definitely for the way he struggles fitting in and finding where he belongs. That shapes a lot of his personality and you hate to see him get anything less than what he puts out to be the nice guy. The teasing of his origins by the end of the episode was a nice touch. I hope they do this suspense justice when the time comes for answers.

The other half of the story dealing with Alaric and Dorian taking on the next creature to try to find out what they want and where they are coming from turned out better than I thought it would. Initially I was assuming that we would be thrown into some smackdown between Dorian and whatever that was which tried to break into the house he was staying in. It was interesting to see that he does very well at handling himself. I would say it made a big difference that we were able to actually see him in the act of handling one of these creatures. This creature was a refreshing change of pace because inevitably we were going to need to see these two face off with one that could actually speak. With that said, there was a good contrast to how they handle creatures. We’ve seen how Alaric does things, but it was Dorian’s chance this time around. He did well in the spotlight when he is clearly the guy who has his own layers to him. Their efforts brought out answers that gave us a lot of insight into the grand scheme of these attacks. There’s a method to this madness and at the very least there’s a clue now to work from.

My only complaint about this universe is why their supernaturals are limited to werewolves, witches, and vampires. I understand that this is all spinning out of a story years in the making (The Originals), but for those of us bold enough to jump straight into Legacies, it hits hard to come to terms with where the line is drawn in the sand for the students. In time I want to see a few pop up who step outside of that box to better challenge the status quo. This honor council is a good start, but I know that we can push farther.

Another thrilling episode of Legacies overall. Momentum is this show’s best friend and I look forward to what the weeks to come have in store for us when the plot continues to thicken.

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