Legacies “Mombie Dearest” Review


After the events of last week’s episode, big changes are to be expected moving forward. Mainly because of the way that the formation of the honor council shook up the status quo for these students. A development that changed many dynamics, while at the same time setting a few things straight about how they see the future of this school. As for Alaric and company, it was nice to see an encounter with a creature that wasn’t as hostile as the rest. It helped to also see that not everything for them is as it seems on the surface.

The episode was a bit strange to me that it would center around the Salzman twins Lizzie and Josie celebrating their sixteenth birthday. Some would call it convenient, others might call it a point in their lives worth exploring given some of the troubles they have come across between each other. Either way, they were quick to jump right into this big day and what it meant for these two. The contrast was very strong having Lizzie swelling with joy over a day that is all about her, and Josie who is now being bombarded with realizations that she really does neglect herself for the sake of keeping her sister happy. This was a very important moment for Josie in particular when Penelope has also made it clear that every action from her so far has been to force Josie to see where her sister takes advantage of her. The lack of transparency from Penelope in general has done wonders for investment in where this is all leading.

They were not joking when they said that Alaric would find himself preoccupied with the latest supernatural arrival that hits close to home. I mean, lets not even use a little. This one undeniably hit home for Alaric when it is clear that this unseen enemy has decided that a more personal approach must be taken in order to get the knife. This was a bold twist to the storyline for both Alaric and the knife since this involved things that happened before the events of Legacies. This could have easily turned into something that went over the head of a viewer like myself. I couldn’t have been more satisfied that they were straight to the point and made it simple enough to get the gist of the history between him and said person. Like last week, this story benefited from this person also being able to connect with Alaric to give clarity to the forces at work.

The kind of danger that this supernatural brought to their doorstep was so far the most thrilling of the series. I loved the creativeness of the challenge, the cleverness of the plot, and not to mention which of the students was tossed into the mix this time around to save the day. It makes a big difference that no situation has been anything like the others.

Despite the focus on the Salzman twins, fortunate for all of us that there was still some room for Hope and Rafael to take off from what unfolded last week. Hope is almost a new person who realizes what she has been denying herself, and then you have Rafael who is still coming to terms with what he has now gained and lost. Putting these two together was perfect since they need someone equally as stubborn as the other in order to confront their issues. Anyone else would have made it that much harder for either to move forward. That is not to say that things weren’t said that stung even as the viewer. It works for them for better or for worse.

Legacies “Mombie Dearest” was an unexpected ride of emotions. There was a lot of feeling put into this week’s plot, and just as much action that you couldn’t help but call refreshing. If you ever asked me if I would be hooked on a show like this earlier this year, I would have laughed. Legacies proves that there’s always a story to tell if you put the effort into the way that your characters live and evolve.

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