Legends of Tomorrow “Beebo the God of War” Review


Crisis on Earth-X was without a doubt the emotional bomb that dropped on our laps only because of the loss of Stein. His departure was going to come at some point, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for that to be during the crossover. I surely was not and I can admit I teared up just a bit because of the execution of that moment when it came. The Legends are left shaken up the most when currently there is no Firestorm, who knows if Jax is actually going to stay, and they are all probably going to take some time to grieve. This week’s episode is without a doubt going to feel different.

The legends team being brought to the time of Vikings, or more specifically Vinland 1000 A.D. was an exciting development. There are some periods of time you just really look forward to them interacting with because it involves some deep integration to fit in. That includes the way they carry themselves, dress, and party. It really didn’t take long to figure out what was going wrong here or how things would of course get worse. What I find funny was the realization of what relevance this Beebo held towards the Vikings making their history changing decision. You could think of all the ways they could try to catch you off guard, and this one so far is right at the top as the most obscure. I had my own thoughts as to what this Beebo was before the episode aired, and nothing led me to what it actually was. Now just when you thought that was all that they could surprise you with, there just so happened to be an extra hand recruited to tackle this anachronism. The last person who you would think to help them on a whim, yet entertaining for the many ways they clash.

Beebo not being the only anachronism here was a good way to shake things up. This person who clearly had to own the Beebo was probably the last person the team would have wanted to come across right now. Could you call it a convenient situation? Sure, but there have been plenty of developments throughout this season which shouldn’t have been possible and yet were. Despite losing Stein in the crossover, I enjoyed that there are still other ways that his character can have a presence without it being him at his oldest age.

There was going to be some way for things to get worse, and it came with the interference from the only person you know to take advantage of big anachronisms. Damien Darhk is the only villain who can make a bad situation worse, and that is even getting to his horrible wig. The guy revels in the power he wields which never ceases to liven up even the darkest of times. How they approached confronting him this time around was creative to say the least. This was the best time to show what happens when they actually put thought into their course of action.

Jax dealing with the loss of Stein was the point of interest for this episode. The team as a whole is taking this pretty hard, but he is the one who is affected most. Even without the fact that he had the psychic connection it made sense considering he is the youngest aboard the ship. They chose a way to show this struggle to move on that you could choose to agree with or not. Everyone has lost someone, though you wonder why the result wouldn’t be the same for Jax to question what if. Naturally for people like them it is easy to try to deny the concept of death, though there are only so many ways you can tackle that issue. Loopholes I must say never go the way you would hope. Needless to say the outcome is just how you wanted it to be.

Now there was one other question left by the events of the crossover, and that being how this Earth-X Leo would interact with the Legends. It was just as awkward for any of us as it was for them when no one is used to seeing him in this kind of light. You expect narcissism and criticisms, but that is not what you get with Leo. He aims to fix things and has his own unique way of going about it. It was quite humorous with that said. The tension between him and Rory made things better since there was something on both sides to take from their bickering with one another. One was needed to grieve properly, while the other was needed to find acceptance.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Beebo the God of War” was a roller coaster of emotions. Some characters found the closure they needed, some are still working on it, and others have now realized the true danger ahead of them. Legends of Tomorrow I feel is the definition of follow your heart. They do what they want and defy anything or anyone who says they can’t get the job done. The farewell hurt, but it was coming regardless… They handled it well with that said.

NEXT WEEK, that will be the episode for many to flip their lid for when a certain character finally makes his appearance.

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