Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Premiere “Aruba-Con” Review


New season and new adventure for the Legends of Tomorrow. I am personally very happy that this show has been able to see a third season. I remember when there were those who said this one wouldn’t make it to the end of the first season or past it. Funny how those people tend to be wrong about a show like this that has been so central to the Arrowverse (still hate the name)and beyond. Nonetheless this season premiere has been long-awaited when you want to know how the team will look this season and what to expect from them moving forward.

Now the start of this episode caught me off guard, I admit that I didn’t entirely remember the events of the last season finale. When they said that the Legends broke time in this episode, that did have me worried. It just so happened that fear stemmed from forgetting that it already happened. After the risks they took to save space and time, it only made sense that they would step back into a world that was a little dumped on its head. Ravaged streets and Dinosaurs running around? That is something to explain. What impressed me here was how they brought Rip Hunter back into the story so fast and without forcing him back in. He shook things up in a big way when questioning the status quo of this team going into the third season. The first season he was in charge, second season we lost two and Sara took control, so now this third season pushed a bit further to challenge their ability to remain a team. Especially with Rip Hunter only arriving to relieve them of duty.

It was a tough pill to swallow seeing how much this team meant to them and what it also meant for them to lose that sense of purpose. I think they touched upon something that we don’t get to every day when it comes to superhero stories. You can leave your regular life behind to go play hero, even for prolonged periods of time, but what happens when you come back to that life? The world continues to turn without you, it won’t even recognize you as a hero unless you actually don’t care about secret identities. These struggles they go through were perfect examples that even have one foot on reality when taking a real world perspective. Someone like Sara will find it hard to be “normal”, Ray is going to find himself at square one with a spotty reputation in his field, Rory is going to do what he does best and wants to do. When it came to Jax and Martin Stein it was refreshing to have just a hint of reluctance and an example of not everyone taking a step backwards. For Jax in particular it was worth the exploration of what this life can be like when you are still in your youth and plenty ahead to look forward to, or fear looking forward to.

Hopefully I do speak for most when I say figuring out what happened to Amaya sucked. You knew what would be inevitable for her, but it still didn’t prepare you for the way they approached that moment. With that said, I do hope to see in what ways her travels have affected what should be her future.

Now I will say it was a bit convenient how Rory manages to run into Julius Caesar in Aruba, but I couldn’t have picked a better person to encounter him. The guy is pure entertainment being able to pull off the tough guy act the way he does. His dealing with Julius in action was even better when these were two just meant to clash. As for how this brings the rest of the team together, it was just as enjoyable to watch them all come to terms with the fact that they aren’t ready to do normal. The tension between the Legends’ and this new group introduced worked very well for something that you weren’t expecting to come so soon in the season. If there’s one thing you appreciate most about this team, it is how telling them to stop is not a deterrent, as is taking their ship either. You want t see how they will defy those who underestimate them, and that is something you don’t see enough of from the other shows that have heroes of a different class.

Julius Caesar as a threat I thought at first wouldn’t be something to take serious. I’m satisfied that I was wrong with the personality and character they would give to him. Every conversation he had with the Legends whether it was Rory or Sara had substance to it. His words held weight when simple bolstering about his past accomplishments really captured what the team was going through currently. He is also the first person to become aware of time manipulation and actually take advantage of it. There was a real danger to the knowledge he had and could apply to his already intimidating army.

It is very good to have Legends of Tomorrow back. The season 3 premiere “Aruba-Con” was a quick reminder of the fun and adventurous side to being a superhero. It’s not a life you so easily throw away or give up because someone told you to. They are the misfits and somehow that reality makes them cling together more than they ever could with anyone else. Rip’s new role and colleagues do make things interesting when now there is an authority to answer to if they screw up.

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