Licensed Slot Games are the future of Online Casinos


Slot machines have developed over the years, online developers have been able to cater to the individual’s players preferences in terms of what they want in a slot. Given how popular superhero films are developers have been pushing superhero slots harder than before. This allows for fans of the superhero genres to not miss out with online casino sites.

Since you are more than likely curious as to where to start I will run you down my four of the best Superhero online slots I have ever played.

“Iron Man Slots.” This incredible slot incorporates all of the key themes that Iron Man has to offer. The slot makes use of all the main characters and Iron Man himself by rewarding bonuses and free spins. These slots are powered by ‘playtech’ and offer many special features such as wild symbols, free spins, bonus games, and scatter symbols, which are all there to help you win big! You can find reviews about all the latest superhero slot games online to see which one best suits your play style.

Now we have “The Incredible Hulk Slots” So the Hulk Slots feature 50 pay lines, 5 reels, and offers gamers the most opportunities to win jackpots. A lot more chances to win jackpots than most of the Marvel Jackpot games on this list.

The game also features two bonus rounds to enjoy. “Smash Bonus” where you can put yourself in Hulk’s shoes and smash helicopters and police cars where hidden cash is hidden. The cool thing about this is the multiplier system that allows you to double and triple your cash. If you win $200 in this mode and hit the 3x multiplayer you could be walking away with up to $600. The final cool thing I will mention is that there are four progressive jackpots to be won on every spin.

Another favorite was “Spider-Man” This game brilliantly incorporates the Spider-Man world, with plenty of characters and Easter eggs on screen, playing amongst an awesome Spider-Man like the 8-bit score.

The slot features 5-reels and 25-pay lines along with plenty of cool perks. Some perks include Rivaling freebies, City Chase, Hot Zone Freebies, Radioactive freebies and The Ultimate Fight. Being a huge fan of Spiderman it allowed this slot to be super exciting to play.

Lastly comes a more underrated slot based on “Blade”. I for one feel the Blade film franchise is underrated which would make some people not interested in this slot. Well, I’m here to tell you that this slot is arguably the easiest and most fun to master. It includes blood, bullets and plenty of sexy vampires to have fun with. It brings an Auto Start’ feature that spins for you which means all you have to do is pick the number of lines that you want to bet and watch the money come in. I like my things fun and simple which is exactly what this game delivers on.

In conclusion, it is clear to see that the Superhero market is very well catered for in the online slot world. Iron Man, the Hulk, Spider-Man and Blade are just some of the many characters that appear in games that can offer life changing wins, some more licensed games you can play online here. If you want to make cash in a fun way I defiantly recommend checking it out.

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