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LUCIFER: Tom Ellis in the ÒGod JohnsonÓ episode of LUCIFER airingÊMonday, May 15Ê(9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Jack Rowand/FOX

***Spoiler Warning***

Big things came by the end of last week’s Lucifer which changed a lot about the direction you thought the rest of this season was taking. As much as you want them to fix this thing between Lucifer and everyone he is trying to distance himself from, there are supernatural developments that personally should take priority for a show like this. Consistently I will emphasize that the strongest elements of Lucifer are those which extend beyond this mortal plane.

I emphasize this because the way last week’s episode ended was with a big bomb dropped on our laps. It was at that point where we could truly understand where Lucifer’s head is at upon returning. If you thought everything would be sunshine and rainbows up there then you were surely mistaken. This plot he has concocted takes things to a new level where he has hellish plans for freeing himself of the burden that is his parents. Beginning this episode with further elaboration was appreciated when looking towards

The case this week was quite unconventional. I’m not going to lie that I read the title of this episode and initially had a different idea in mind for what it might mean. I mean wouldn’t you? Lucifer cares about the most trivial things, and that is about as trivial as you could get. Now you think of the most inconvenient position for Lucifer to be in on a case? And what this actually was is the last thing that would have come to mind. Lucifer struggles with his feelings when he realizes the prime suspect of a murder at insane asylum might be his father. That wasn’t a sentence I thought I would read at this point in the season. It could be true, it could be a distraction, but it couldn’t have come at a better time when everyone is on edge when it comes to the possibility of their plan even working. Lucifer’s attempts to find the truth were more ridiculous than usual. It was definitely hard to say when you were supposed to take him seriously which is hard enough unless he goes into god-mode.

When the truth behind this mystery came to light, I have to say that I was even more shocked than before. You wouldn’t have expected something like this to happen in the second season. Lucifer expressing himself through this interaction with God Johnson wasn’t anything too new, though it was at least him directing some of those pent up emotions in the right direction for once. In general what these two get themselves into was fun and chaotic. The scene created in the hospital was handled very well visually. But even then they still manage to put a smile on your face through a chance family reunion so to speak that doesn’t go quite like you would have assumed. This put a lot into perspective that you may have overlooked due to drama.

LUCIFER: L-R: Tom Ellis and Rachael Harris in the ÒGod JohnsonÓ episode of LUCIFER airingÊMonday, May 15Ê(9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Jack Rowand/FOX

The interactions between Amenadiel and Lucifer continues with some brotherly delight. Every now and then there is a nice conversation that goes beyond mocking each other over something petty. After a very revealing moment for Charlotte, one had to question where she would go to next. There is an unpredictable element stronger than Lucifer and she is that element. She may have been serious business before, but here she grabs some laughs through her usual shenanigans in manipulation.

The little bits with Maze here and there are still appreciated. Her involvement in matters haven’t been too significant, but nonetheless entertaining. In a world where everyone else can be overly serious, you do need someone like her without a care to give, or a clue. The dynamic between her and Chloe surpasses anything else done so far.

I have to say the case took more of a backseat this week, but it is great when they can change up what is most important to flesh out. Lucifer “God Johnson” busted some doors wide open to possibilities you didn’t think we would be exposed to at this point. This is not to say things somehow still weren’t as they seem, which is great because nothing good ever comes from being too straightforward. Still we expect the unexpected when Lucifer’s plan will never see more determination to pull off.

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