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LUCIFER: Tom Ellis in the “Chloe Does Lucifer” episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Nov. 20 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. . CR: Ray Mickshaw / FOX

Boy did it sting last week finding out that Lucifer was one of a number of shows that wasn’t airing that Monday night. This is without a doubt one of the most anticipated of the comic book tv adaptations at the moment. This week is the week I have been waiting for as well. Our characters have gone through quite the experience fighting their nature, habits, crossing paths in new and interesting ways up to this point. However, none of that matches the suspense for what happens when this feud between the Sinnerman and Lucifer finally kicks off.

It was a matter of time before we could get back to Lucifer taking back up the business of giving favors. This is a big part of his thing on Earth and it didn’t take too long into the series for this gig to become forgotten. It almost felt like the same could have happened when Lucifer spent that one scene hyping up his return to giving favors only for other things to slowly take priority for us to see. The wait with that said is worth it to see how Lucifer learns that recipients of his favors are turning up dead. As if this wasn’t already personal with the Sinnerman, this escalated the situation in the best of ways. This whole thing also had a steady build-up to it. While we know this is the Sinnerman, not everyone else is on the same page about the culprit. It truly was a brilliant idea to have an enemy who no one can put a face to. He’s a shadow that moves freely because believing in the boogeyman means being able to see the boogeyman.

Lucifer’s meeting with the Sinnerman was every bit what I had hoped for. The face surely was not what I expected to match the person behind these gruesome crimes, but the voice was perfect to set that grim atmosphere. This was someone who knows exactly what he is doing to challenge the devil. It goes without saying that the one thing that genuinely makes Lucifer dangerous is the fact that most people don’t believe who he is till it’s too late. The Sinnerman nailed Lucifer with the right buttons to push and to get just the reactions he needed to stay ahead of the game. Overall this was one heck of a way to reach that dark place and do so without the saturation of humor from Lucifer or anyone else.

This whole thing with Chloe and Detective Pierce after he returned to work was a point of interest. I think we all wanted to know if something was possible to happen between them. That is despite Pierce being one of the most stand-offish individuals we have been introduced to so far. I mean well even as I say this, I also want to use the word complex. One minute the kind of guy you would want to punch, yet the next minute someone different altogether.

Amenadiel has a new love interest and that wasn’t all too much of a surprise to me. Maybe surprising that he would find another one after Mazikeen, but not too surprising after his interaction with a certain someone last episode. Truthfully I don’t think that is something I need to be vague about, so this thing with Amenadiel and Linda was a nice development. Both find themselves tangled up in this mess and have helped each other through the thick of it. They are both smart and wise, which is a combination you don’t get from other dynamics.

For this episode, it was also a treat to have Mazikeen back in the big picture. Still the same person who will walk into a room and stir the pot for better or for worse. With every scene she stole the spotlight for herself. Especially proving that she could be a true rebel against Lucifer when he tries to make everything about him. You have to appreciate the path she has taken towards living life to the fullest. While it was delightful to have Mazikeen back, it was still a delight to have Charlotte making appearances. There is so much fun in someone who has done nothing but defend the corrupt and then try to turn things around. She is the perfect example of what would happen if Lucifer were try attempt going good. She struggles and tries so hard to avoid fully admitting to any of the things she did in the past.

Lucifer “The Sinnerman” changed the game in a big way. This was right where I hoped we would find ourselves and look forward to the weeks to follow picking up with the momentum. Lucifer gave you some serious chills, and the Sinnerman made you cringe in a way you didn’t think possible in this show.

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