Lucifer “Vegas with Some Radish” Review


LUCIFER: L-R: Guest star Lindsay Gort and Tom Ellis in the “Vegas With Some Radish” episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Courtney/FOX

After another character driven episode that explored a character beyond Lucifer himself, now we go back to something a bit more familiar for your average episode. This one looks to be more of the fun variety when we are thrown into another case that is also quite the adventure to Vegas of all places. An interesting choice for those who may be looking forward to the story tackling more dealing with the Sinner Man and other developments up to this point.

The case this time around at least had a different approach to offer. Usually the problem is that something going on in Lucifer’s life would turn a regular case into something personal, but this is a time where the case is personal right off the bat. Shaking things up like this is refreshing and much appreciated coming this far. You can only go through the same shenanigans before it can become dull. Caring about Candy enough to bring himself to Vegas is also refreshing. At times like this we do need to be able to see the ways in which he can put others before himself. Through this episode we come to understand just how much Candy means to Lucifer through the reveal of their time together. I wouldn’t say that we needed to know what happened during those couple of weeks, but it added to the urgency in figuring out her situation. The person who is actually behind her troubles was not at all who you thought it would be. This made it all worth it when how they concluded it was what could have made or broke an investigation that leaned more on the entertaining side.

Working with Ella was an experience that I hope opens the door to more chances. For as ridiculous as things can get with Ella sometimes, she once again proved that there are things she can do that makes her important to have in your gravity. Not to say that they don’t take full advantage of what they can do in a place like Vegas. There was no better time to show what these two can do when there aren’t any leashes or rules to hold them down.

This week’s episode focusing more on a character like Ella was exactly what we needed in this season. I don’t think we have seen enough of her in a role of any relevance. I remember when she was first introduced, I wasn’t all too impressed by the forensics scientist who filled that cliche role of walking that line between being professional and unprofessional in habits. Luckily that opinion changed over time through some meaningful engagements here and there that showed there was more to what we saw on the surface, or just the overall quirkiness. In general this was a great opportunity to put two characters together who are fun and spontaneous.

LUCIFER: L-R: Guest star Jack Yang and Aimee Garcia in the “Vegas With Some Radish” episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Courtney/FOX

Now Chloe finding herself upset that Lucifer left on her birthday was good for the development between the two. I think I would speak for most when I say that we need to understand just where these two stand. Well more so Chloe when it comes to her feelings towards Lucifer. Is there still love there? Is this Chloe caring as a friend for Lucifer? Who knows, but you sure as heck want to get to the bottom of this mystery. Till then, running to Linda for help was unexpected of someone like Chloe. She’s not the type of person to turn to another for guidance or advice so easily. Nonetheless you have to love Linda’s part in this considering she is well aware of how troublesome it can be when allowing Lucifer’s actions to negatively affect you. At the end of the day I didn’t think I would get as much of a laugh out of their adventure together, but I did, and that was a real treat.

Lucifer “Vegas with Some Radish” was a fun side adventure that we needed to bring his story full circle between Lucifer, Chloe, and Candy. We had our moments where the episode was a good laugh as usual, but we also found a balance where we could get some sincere words and actions out of those who have been closed off. With that said, I do hope that next week we can redirect our attention to this sinister person working behind the scenes. Fun is fun, but you don’t want too many questions building up around the main plot.

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