Lucifer Winter Finale “A Good Day to Die” Review


It’s not easy being Lucifer these days. If it’s not struggling with his own self-discovery and purpose, its dealing with the fact that most around him just can’t seem to be trusted not to use him. The latest revelation might have thrown Lucifer over the edge, but the thought of losing Chloe just might be the challenge he needs to confront what he’s willing to do in order to take control of his own life. If there is a way that is.

What was important about addressing the events to follow is that we were seeing season 2 Lucifer above all. For much of the time we got used to his normal shenanigans, the lackadaisical attitude, and the questionable outbursts. This was that time where we needed to see that there was much more to Lucifer than that. Meaning the capacity to put other before himself, particularly those like Chloe. As for Chloe, this was that time for us to see what she is willing to do when her own life is on the line. Most times she isn’t too willing to take charge outside of the rules, but to see her more open to what it takes to save herself was a good change. The same could be said for some others who show that they can be risk takers at a time like this, or with the right duress.

This winter finale comes through where we needed to push boundaries the most. That being exploration of Hell and Heaven beyond the borders of this world. We got the effect of Amenadiel whenever he made an entrance, the reveal of what those like Lucifer and Maze look like, but we needed to take a step further. This was quite the leap and better now than never. Lucifer traveling to hell to find the Professor’s soul to retrieve the antidote to his poison was the extreme you couldn’t have seen coming wondering what they would have to do to save Chloe. Hell was to some extent what you thought it to be along the lines of how people spent the end of their days there. I mean there isn’t many ways you can twist what is already known or done. But through this journey of Hell we learned a lot more than we could have ever hoped for which mattered the most. Being forced to confront his guilt about Uriel’s death was a plus. You don’t know the full experience until its firsthand.

Charlotte heading down to Hell to save Lucifer was the most anyone could ask for her when waiting for that moment where she could show just how much family means to her. There has been as much about Lucifer to learn about himself as there is for Charlotte. This was her time and they really made it count when all cards were on the table. The outcome doesn’t change things in the way you may have hoped, though it was a step in the right direction.

The effect of what Hell was small, but it is like was just as you pictured from times before. The scenery cold and unclear to represent that image of being lost. We didn’t journey anywhere knew, but the importance behind the locations we are taken to did have meaning which you could overlook for.

Some unexpected character development did indeed blossom from what is Lucifer’s support system. It’s not the most functional, but the emotion we get out of them caring about what he’s willing to do was powerful to come into understanding. In general it was nice to see that every character up to this point matters in the grand scheme of things whether they want to be or not. The way they worked together and the dangers they faced spoke volumes. Not only this but created room for us to get to know some of them a little better than we did before.

The winter finale for Lucifer “A Good Day to Die” took a family feud to the brink. Even if you knew that this wouldn’t end with the worst case scenario, it still felt that way which makes you want more. Lucifer is a show that knows how to make you laugh, and yet at the same time cringe with the most heartbreaking moments. It would be a crime to not get to see what lengths Lucifer will go to escape this path of his. Monday, May 1st is going to be a long wait for Lucifer to return.

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