Marvel’s Agent Carter “Time and Tide” Review


Marvel’s Agent Carter takes us deeper into the disappearance of Howard Stark’s stolen technology to clear his name. Three episodes in and this has been nothing short of a thrilling adventure to follow as Agent Carter does what she does best. Getting that second opportunity to prove her worth in a world that hasn’t yet grown to accept her capabilities as a woman during that time period.

This episode, “Time and Tide”, makes a lot of progress in the story as Agent Carter continued to get closer and closer to finding the stolen technology. Especially when it comes to Peggy’s personal life versus her life as an agent. Seeing how she tries to separate the two to avoid loss of those closest to her is a point of interest for this kind of rising hero. It’s like they want to apply the real world rules and consequences of being a hero, or just the type of agent that Howard needs her to be and its a dangerous game they all are playing. The dodgy style from Peggy with the girl at the bar for example because while you know how that may eventually end, you as well know that this is just something Peggy will have to deal with whether she wants to or not.

Marvel's Agent Carter 3.2

The focus on Jarvis is very good. He consistently comes off as a character you like and want to see more of. A lot that you have to get used to when it comes to his character is that this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of him, which means that his role is bigger than you would think if someone who has read the comics. With that said, this episode of Agent Carter was also where her mission gets Jarvis caught in the cross-hairs which reveals his secret. One that you didn’t expect, and yet makes his relevance to the overall story that much more important in the grand scope when someone like Peggy would need people who can actually understand her.

Marvel's Agent Carter 3.1

It’s good to see that with such a short series, Agent Carter is one they didn’t fail to spend the budget on. The effects of the bombs, explosions, Howard’s inventions, and much more catch your eyes in a way that reminds you off the growing world they live in when it comes to advancements in technology.

Marvel’s Agent Carter “Time and Tide” is another step forward in a mission which proves every passing day to hold just as many consequences as rewards. The end of this episode definitely shook things up when the reality of what they are up against sunk in, so the next episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter should be one we anticipate to see how Peggy acts next.

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