Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Farewell, Cruel World!” Review


Week after week this storyline for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. rolls with the punches. I really do have to say shame on you if you are sleeping on this show that found a groove and stuck with it. This last stretch of the season satisfies those who want a good story of espionage, it satisfies those who are looking for familiar elements from the books, and more than anything else it satisfies those who want to watch this and really take what is going on seriously.

You can definitely feel the urgency now between Daisy, Simmons and HYDRA. You wouldn’t have guessed this larger than life plan set into motion until that moment came and it was perfect in execution. Then when you top off the fact that not everyone is ready to leave this world or accept that it isn’t real, and you have one heck of a dilemma where the words ‘easier said than done’ becomes an understatement. Now even with that said, the urgency gave this episode a kick. You would have sat there wondering how we could get from point a to point b and nailed everything that got these characters where they needed to be when it mattered most. This includes Aida pushing forward with her plans in a way that she couldn’t before. I liked the fact that this is someone who could be steps behind, but the weakness in her assuming the smallest capability of SHIELD led to time after time hurting her plans. And for that we got where we are a lot sooner than one would have expected some weeks ago.

This race against the clock for everyone else important definitely did keep you guessing. Some were easier to convince, while others took a little more convincing. The climax of this episode hits hard when the end result of this trip back to the real world was more than you bargained for. While saddened by the choice made at the end, I do also find myself impressed that they would still be taking these risks so far along into the season. Was everything actually said to prevent such decision? I don’t think so, but challenging someone’s reality comes with a price. If there was any other way to make a statement as to how serious this situation is, they nailed it. It was anything goes with no time given to think that everything was okay until it was without question.

I feel that the lengths Simmons goes to get back Fitz was inevitable. From the moment she witnessed the role he took in this world and the horrors he could inflict, you knew that she would be the one to complicate things. While predictable, without a doubt a necessary complication as those like him you have to actually be a little more direct with to have any chance in breaking through. There was a lot more heart put into this rescue by Daisy up to this point and I feel that Simmons took leaps here when there was more clarity given to what Aida did to change Fitz.

Slipping in the scenes from the real world where Daisy and Simmons’ bodies are kept was much-needed at this stage. It worked well that they time lapsed through what is happening there because while you want to understand the situation on that end, you also don’t want too much time spent on what only needed to be addressed.

On the flip side it was highly enjoyable to be treated to more time with characters like Tripp. It goes without saying that the biggest offense committed by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was when they decided that such a fan favorite should be killed off. Now do I think that this means they’re bringing him back? No. I mean how would that be possible? And should it? The cast right now is big enough unfortunately. Though with that said, still he brought excitement with every interaction as usual. It also goes without saying that after an episode like this, Radcliffe will be a hard one to forget. This is one character that you could never full understand and that is what made him so great. He’s a mad scientist, but he also has a part of him that grasps right from wrong. You saw him one way, yet on a dime everything you thought you knew about him was flipped on its head. That right there is how you create a wildcard.

You’re going to love it, though at the same time you’re going to hate it. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Farewell, Cruel World!” took many meanings and all struck with the same intensity as this fight has been from the minute this prison called the Framework was created. No matter how this war with Aida ends, it will take some time to shake off everything and everyone who was lost in the process. I swear at this point there is someone behind the scenes saying ‘Hold my beer” when you ask what other way they can still **** with you.

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