Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Fun & Games” Review


MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. – Fun & Games –

A week stung quite a bit to finally get back to the big reveal of Fitz catching up in time. Now that we know how Fitz made his way to the future, there’s nothing stopping us from jumping back into the moment of his arrival. A moment that I should say changes the game in a big way. Fitz is the only one who had that opportunity to throw himself into the mission prepared. Now even then you don’t expect whatever he does here to go so smooth. So many factors to take in about that one moment, including what we don’t know about Fitz’s preparations.

With this episode we finally start to see a bit more of Flint. A kid who comic readers would be familiar with, though like most his story is adjusted to fit the MCU. While I personally wanted to get to know Flint, there was also the fear of what he would be dragged into. He just didn’t have the look of someone who could do harm or you would want to see harmed. Exactly like the situation with the girl Simmons was helping not too long ago. It made sense once you could see what this Harvest was that consistently was brought up. Flint’s elevation through this episode was a great step forward to have another Inhuman perspective. Some characters find someone new to connect with and Flint was the right guy as someone young and open to this new world that he has stepped into.

Yo-Yo in particular stands out for her ability to open up to people and say damn the consequences when she is needed to keep her powers in check. If there was someone to appreciate for the heart they put into every scene, then she was exactly what you are looking for.

Seeing what Fitz, or Boshtak, and Enoch have been up to was interesting. Enoch has a personality you don’t to see quite often. Knowledgeable, charming, and of course the kind of guy who likes to stick to a plan once it is set. With that said, it was chilling to see Fitz and his response to the madness around him. Especially when it comes to Kasius and the way he runs this place. If you were looking for someone bold and to really step into a new character, Fitz nailed it every time. He adapted very well to all these high bidders who were the worst of the worst. Truthfully it is great to see so many different groups of people who exist out there in space. One would have assume that this would be nothing but Kree versus humans at the start of the season, though it was good to have been proven wrong. The suspense here was in how far Fitz could push things without letting the urgency and weight of this mission to get to him.

Daisy’s perspective in all of this was something I’m glad they got around to. With so much going on it would have been terrible not to know what was going through her head throughout this display Kasius was putting up. Now it wasn’t just Daisy or Flint who grab your attention this episode as Inhumans, it was Ben as well. He was someone I didn’t think they would use as much as they did, but he has been a welcomed point of focus. Reluctant like most to defy, but can make it count when it comes to saving a life without pulling too much attention to himself.

The entertainment, or combat, was exciting for the fact that there are so many volatile elements tossed into one room, including those who are fighting. The first fight was cool because you knew that they would use May as a form of punishment, though it was who she fought and how she was still able to put up a fight that kept you on your toes. When Daisy’s fight came along, that was the highlight of this episode. There were two combatants who you wanted to see square off against each other more than anyone else and it was a thrilling display. I mean it did seem that Daisy was holding back bit, though that might also be because of her limits before hurting herself in the process. How the fight ended was where the big changes finally came in and the execution of those final moments was perfect.

The only disappointment for this episode was a certain death that came and went. You expected a little more from this one character and they sort of let you down when not given much time to truly get to know them or what they could have still had to offer down the road. It was only how they handled another that could have at least made up for this one that was lackluster. Not all of the losses can be meaningful, though give enough screen time to some and they should deserve it.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Fun & Games” lived up to the name for better or for worse. We finally got to see what kind of help Fitz would be when Daisy’s life is on the line and they had your attention from start to finish when her life wasn’t the only one that you feared for. There’s nothing friendly about the universe beyond Earth and this episode was the perfect example. I would dare to say that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is giving us the most realistic exploration of what it means to live out there.

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