Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Laws of Nature” Review


It has been said that this is the superhero story we’ve all been waiting for this show to develop into. Now having superhumans we explore the world of the inhumans. All starting with Coulson and the team discover a new Inhuman. Though just finding them and helping them is no simple task when there is now another out there to worry about aside from HYDRA. Though at the same time we all want to know just what has happened to Simmons. She got sucked into that substance, but is she still alive? Is there something to save. At least in this first episode that is something they will jump into answering.

This season already is off to a good start when Inhumans are now a thing to the world. After the events of the first Avengers movie the world is still shaken up by the things they don’t understand. And now we have people with uncontrollable powers that could activate at any given time with the Terrigen’s effects swiftly spreading throughout the world’s ecosystem. Still disappointing that it’s not the mist, but this process is just as believable. But with this first episode we see one of the first Inhumans out in the open and the way a random person would react to this change. The way that someone who had no connections to SHIELD or resources for understanding would react having a power which is almost as dangerous as Daisy’s.

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There was a heavy emphasis on dealing with becoming an Inhuman. The heart of this episode came from focusing on the person foremost and not just the power that they wield. At the end of the day it is the person that makes the power worth caring about.

This other organization searching for powered people is what will make the story of the Inhumans exciting. We already know the Royal Family will start looking for them eventually, and comic fans know that Lash is on a search of his own. So many invested parties in this new world which brings us back to that same feeling when it was S.H.I.E.L.D. vs HYDRA. HYDRA will obviously come back as they usually do, though for now these other parties grab your attention more. Lash more than anyone else right now just from the initial confrontation Daisy and Lincoln had with him. Now he is a big talker so comic fans will be thrown off by his erratic behavior, though hopefully that will change down the road because as a villain he has a lot to say which challenges the idea of what it means to be Inhuman. Rosalind Price is also worth mentioning considering the authority she has in what she does. We get a glimpse of what she will do to control the “Inhuman problem” that is inhumane, so you want to see how far her influence goes in the right she has to capture Inhumans.

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Fitz does in fact go to some extreme lengths to try to learn how to get Simmons back. It was a smart move to make it known that she was taken by the monolith off the bat. Creating any sort of mystery behind her disappearance outside of the obvious would have just been a cop-out to design a new plot twist, but now we are locked onto the idea that there is more to the monolith than meets the eye. Especially from the reveal of Simmons’ fate at the end of the episode.

Now as interesting as things have gotten to this more proactive side of Fitz seen, we go into this second episode without addressing the progress he had made with his brain functions. It’s as if the drowning never happened and that was an important period for a character like Fitz who needed to find his relevance to the team.

For a season premiere, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Laws of Nature” hits the mark establishing what the show has transformed into now that Inhumans are properly introduced to the world. Storylines and potential storylines all given a foundation to branch off from as we move forward with this escalating plot.

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Hits the mark establishing what the show has transformed into now that Inhumans are properly introduced to the world.

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