Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Last Day” Review


MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. – “The Last Day” – (ABC/Eric McCandless) WILLOW HALE

The team just got a bit smaller, but I’m glad this wasn’t another time where they decided that to lose a character meant to kill them off. We knew Mack was going to depart from the show this season, though it was a matter of when that moment would come. That time still hasn’t come, but now it is known that it will happen down the road with maybe Yo-Yo as well. Now as much as anyone would have wanted a different exit from the station, it was about time that the story took a shift for these agents to finally begin to do what they were sent to do. The surface should bring new dangers, new challenges, more truths to this situation, and both familiar and new faces.

For everyone else to get to meet Robin again was a treat. She really is the most unexpected person from S.H.I.E.L.D.’s past, and no one else could hold the key to what they need to prevent Earth’s destruction than a seer. To have someone with her kind of power on their side opens up for many new possibilities. However, more importantly now is the time for answers. Well, answers in the context of whatever Robin is actually able to tell them. It only made sense that over the years she might find a bit more trouble with her tether to the present. She definitely has one of the most intricate conditions to her powers. The only thing that confused you for the god part of the episode was this progressing scene that seemed to be taking place at a different time entirely. As if a point in time that was leading to this future, but not one that we have seen before either. By the end you could put the pieces together, and that made the realization of these unfolding events heartbreaking.

The team reunited again on the surface was a good change of pace since the first episode. Everyone is in the same place, for the most part, and that brings about a different atmosphere from the panic they were consistently in about each other’s safety dealing with the Kree. That doesn’t change the fear or urgency to prepare themselves for whatever Kasius is going to throw at them, though at the very least they aren’t working with their backs against the wall. That is to say against the Kree. What they faced now was not something you could have braced yourself for. “The Last Day” was as ominous as it gets for the title to an episode and how that end came to be said a lot about the future they stepped into. One where humanity’s end would either come at the hands of the Kree, or their own. There had to be some farewell, and boy did they make this one count. Probably one of the most sincere scenes from this season s far. Particularly for one involving May as well. Her character character has been a pleasant surprise this season in general. So much heart poured into the role, and pushed beyond simply being the fighter.


Since Deke not too long ago turned Daisy in to Kasius and felt the fury of Coulson, there wasn’t too much that we had seen of him till his convenient rescue. Though now it seems that they are ready to make him a bigger character than he once was. Only unfortunate that this came at the price of trading Mack and Yo-Yo. Regardless, he is the right kind of ally to have at a time like this where someone from the Lighthouse could vouch. The time they took for him to process their current position was engaging for him. Different to have this version of him that isn’t convinced that he knows everything or confident about what comes next. Especially with what was supposed to be the inevitable meeting with his dad. While that was something to look forward to, I’m glad that this new direction for Deke became something more.

Despite Coulson and the team leaving for the surface, I’m glad that this didn’t detract from the fallout that still remained to be experienced on the Lighthouse. Kasius may have had his sight set upon Daisy, but that didn’t mean his feelings about this place would change. There would be people to snuff out, and people to punish for everything that transpired against him so far. It wasn’t hard to see that he would go to such extremes to make a point as well. So of course this brings us back to Mack, Yo-Yo, and Flint trying to figure out a way to fight back. I just don’t think anyone was prepared for this to turn into another scene out of an Alien movie. These three stole the show through simply being badass. It felt like a  nostalgic moment for them to have the ability to fight back.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Last Day” was an eye-opener to any who questioned what it really meant for this team to save humanity. They are working against time, and at worst maybe the universe as well. These agents have gone up against some impossible forces up to this point, but this one has been a true page turner.

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