Marvel’s Inhumans “Havoc in the Hidden Land” Review


MARVEL’S INHUMANS – “Havoc in the Hidden Land” –

I don’t think there was any way to truly prepare for what happened in last week’s episode. The title gave you an idea that it would have something to do with Gorgon, but who would have thought this was where he would die? Let alone if they were actually bold enough to kill someone off from the Royal Family. I don’t entirely remember the story from the comics, though it goes without saying that this is a good build-up to what will happen when they finally confront Maximus for his actions.

This confrontation between Maximus and the Royal Family was the big build-up for this episode. Personally I just love that everyone who was seeing Maximus as the hero is now biting their tongues. Reading a book does you so much good when you jump into this show knowing where the line is and will be drawn between hero and villain. It didn’t take too long for him to change his tune or show his true colors when it came to having power for himself and being King. His character development has been fairly spot on for the MCU version of him. If you really thought they didn’t call him Maximus the Mad for a reason, think again.

I must say that Medusa is actually growing on me. Thing were a bit shaky with her before because of simply being a Queen, but now there’s so much more to appreciate from her new outlook on life. Out of all these characters she has grown the most through her experience on Earth and with another human. Gorgon was a close second till last week’s episode. But, Medusa is the character you were waiting for to bloom if you were questioning if the Royal Family could actually be characters you care for or support for the way they rule. It didn’t take halfway through this episode before I was saying team medusa for the stance she took on what response the others were willing to take towards Maximus. What matters most right now is how they respond to him upon returning to Attilan.

MARVEL’S INHUMANS – “Havoc in the Hidden Land” –

Now the actions that Blackbolt have taken, while aggressive is exactly what you have wanted to see from him at this point, which is to act like a King. Up till he started getting serious, you couldn’t see him fitting that role very well. Not until being given the push he needed to actually do something. This of course is not to say that acting more like a King comes with making the right decisions. As I pointed out above, the growth of Medusa while creating tension between she and Blackbolt is necessary to re-establish what it means to rule a group of people.  Karnak as well caught our attention through for once really letting his emotion control his actions, as well as logic. His whole thing is about letting his powers do his thinking for him, but now he has evolved to a point where for better or for worse there is more individuality to what he does and what he desires. Especially following the death of Gorgon.

With that said, I love that they treated us to the awesome effect that they use when Karnak is in action. There might not have been much in the way of action in general, but just seeing him do what he does best is good enough. This was one of two well executed actions scenes, as one involved a surprise character. You always have those key characters like them in a show like this and they are filling that role very well.

Overall, there is a lot of progress to take from current events. A couple of episodes ago and I would have not thought that they would have come together or so soon had this chance to go home. For a show so bold like this in the MCU, it was probably the wisest move since a second season is not promised and you want to eventually have an end to this season that will satisfy viewers. Marvel’s Inhumans “Havoc in the Hidden Land” cranked the dial to ten and this is the best that the show has been thus far.

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