Marvel’s Inhumans Season Finale “… And Finally: Black Bolt” Review


Hard to believe that here we are at the season finale of Marvel’s Inhumans. It feels like we only began not too long ago, and here we are already at the end of road. With that said, we find ourselves exactly where we need to be when it is now a fight for the future of Attilan between two brothers with very different visions for their people. There’s plenty that is uncertain about the Inhumans’ place in the MCU and hopefully this finale will be where we have a clearer idea of the direction they are taking these characters and people.

Maximus making his hail mary to hold control of the situation was clever. Of all the things Maximus could do this season to show that he really was Maximus the Mad, that was his moment with perfect execution. The kind of madman to show his true colors when it seemed as though he wasn’t going to get his way. I mean this is really the guy people thought they were rooting for at the start against the Royal Family? The part of you that reads these books hurts when there is such a lack of understanding of these characters and how they would progress to where they need to be. Especially Maximus who was just one evil move after the next to achieve his selfish goal of a second terrigenesis. Now the dialogue between Maximus and Black Bolt was much-needed at this last stretch. We know what Maximus wanted for himself, but we also needed to know what drove him to take such lengths in terms of revenge as well. Something when they were younger had to provoke him and they addressed that just right. That was the first time I could truly connect with either of these characters on an emotional level.

With that said, it still made all the difference to once again show why Medusa is the breakout star of the show. This was someone people couldn’t help but dislike at the start. Even I felt a little uneasy about her character, but she truly evolved with every new interaction and perspective of the life she lived as Queen. Black Bolt grew as well when it counted the most, but it was Medusa who stepped up to the plate to push for the change they needed.

I believe we all knew well ahead of time what this series was leading to for the Inhumans, so to that extent I can’t say it was too surprising what the end game was. This so-called lasting consequence is very familiar to us comic readers while adding in their MCU twist in execution. With that said, a moment in this finale to look forward to since this is where we will finally draw our strongest connection between the inhumans and the rest of the MCU. The action and suspense leading up to this lasting consequence was what kept you engaged. Sure there wasn’t going to be much to fear as far as losing another character, but it didn’t mean that they weren’t willing to hit us with how gut-wrenching it can be when a whole group of people are put in danger. Having your life and way of life uprooted so abruptly is the strongest way to stir panic and it worked for the most part.

Tritan coming back was one thing, but Gorgon coming back through a second terrigenesis was a big surprise development. It may or may not have happened. It was more likely going to happen and when it did you had to wonder where this would lead to. Would Gorgon simply fall prey to everything wrong with a second terrigenesis? Or will the big guy find a second chance at life? You could argue that this apparently takes away from his highlight moment of sacrifice, but again this is one of those things where you don’t mess with what fans know about these characters for the sake of avoiding your typical tropes or cliches.

Marvel’s Inhumans Season Finale “… And Finally: Black Bolt” was worth the long build up to this brother versus brother showdown between Black Bolt and Maximus. I don’t know what the fate is for Inhumans on TV, but I do hope they are given another chance with the potential for more that was set up by this first season. The popular thing is to hate on Inhumans, but those with an open mind will see that this is Inhumans at the core when you let go of the neediness of perfection and living up to hype. They aren’t the X-Men, but they are what we have.

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