Marvel’s Inhumans “Something Inhuman This Way Comes…” Review



At least we can say that they aren’t trying to drag out the Royal Family’s separation. Episode four wasn’t a bad time for someone to make a big move that would defy Maximus and his actions against them. Some of them are worth pushing on their own, though the rest you wouldn’t say with too much confidence can hold their own without someone else next to them. It seems that there is some expectation for this week’s episode to shake things up for their to be more than just this game of cat and mouse.

Being on episode five, pacing really is everything. Inhumans started off with momentum, though the important thing was pushing with each past week to get from point a to point b. So far they have done that very well as there isn’t a wasted moment on Earth for the most part that wasn’t trying to get back to Attilan or taking the fight to Maximus. I mean I’m sure that fans of this show would have actually liked to get a little exploration out of this show. I would love that too, though realistically there is only so much you can do without risking what is already a solid story without detours.

Black Bolt and Medusa together with Louise was entertaining. At this point it is easier to find appeal in Louise’s involvement because she is basically us as the viewers. This is all new to her, while at the same time not the most ideal position to be placed in caught in a conflict that isn’t quite concerning her. Her perspective from an outside point of view is necessary when you would wonder if life on Attilan is right. It is not as if anyone is justifying their caste system which viewers needed to understand now more than ever. Hearing this from Medusa’s point of view was just as engaging for the fact that she can admit the right and wrong of their rule. This was a big step forward in these characters growing down the road. Particularly when it comes to Black Bolt who as I have said before needs to show more command in his presence and voice. This episode for him was as well good progress after being confronted about the way he is seen as king.

In the past few episodes it has become obvious that Maximus is the villain. Anyone who doesn’t see that by now might need to pick up a book sad to say. Yes there is a system you don’t agree with when Blackbolt and Medusa were in charge, but that doesn’t mean the world Maximus is trying to build is any better. His true face is showing and that is what viewers need to see most at a time like this. My only disappointment here was that I didn’t see a move made that changed the game completely. He does make a move more in his favor, but there’s no immediate impact to take in this episode.


I wasn’t expecting crap to hit the fan so fast for Karnak, though compared to the rest of the Royal Family his story was running the risk of dragging. Yes, I did say it was interesting to see what happens when not everyone is prioritizing meeting up with one another, though given current developments you want to see him pushed in a more relevant direction. I will give them credit where it is due that they nailed a look for one of these characters that rally resembles their comic book counterpart. In terms of direction the same can be said for Gorgon who finds himself on the right track given Auran’s forces changing targets. We’ve learned a fair amount about his character in a short amount of time. A lot that change the assumption that Gorgon is simply just the muscle or without a brain. If any of them were the most genuine in their actions, it has to be him so far. With that said, Crystal is luckily moving on a favorable path when she at last is growing out of whatever that teen was we were first introduced to or who stepped foot onto Earth. With characters like these you do learn that patience is key.

Marvel’s Inhumans “Something Inhuman This Way Comes…” was fast paced and full of action in this game of survival. There’s still work to do getting where we need to be for this show, though you have to admit that with each passing week they are taking steps forward instead of steps back.

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