Marvel’s Runaways Season Finale “Hostile” Review


***Beware of Spoilers***

I’ve really enjoyed the approach they have taken to bringing Runaways to life. I have to admit that at first I was skeptical that they would draw out so much story before the kids ran away, but it didn’t hurt to get to know the lives they were leaving behind in the process. It’s not the first time a showrunner has done something like this. Preacher did the same thing creating a whole first season before the roadtrip began. That is pretty much the same we got here, and hopefully the events of this finale will spring us into the direction we hope for this show to take.

Now this confrontation with the adults didn’t quite go how you might think it would, but the turnout was probably for the best. As much as we all wanted to see these kids kick ass, they were in fact in over their heads when Jonah unexpectedly arrives with his game plan. They thought through a lot of what they had to do to get the job done, but not knowing who Jonah is was their biggest flaw. Nonetheless exactly the push that they needed to finally go on the run. The moment didn’t come like in the books, but this was good enough for their version of Runaways. Especially now that the group has found a new appreciation for one another, for the most part that is. Of course there was steps to create that full separation, and luckily it wasn’t something that came from left field. I get that some people will talk about what is “earned”, but that honestly makes little to no sense when talking about a work of fiction.

Jonah finally coming into his role as the big bad was a perfect moment. We all knew who and what he was, it all came down to that scene when he would actually show why he is someone to be feared. He may not be the big three gods from the books who could probably kill you with a thought, but he comes close enough in a world where the parents aren’t all suped up to pose much of a challenge to him aside from Tina. It seems they are working an angle with him that will be a slow burn yet lead to what we already know about him being Majesdanians. Keeping that air of mystery to him right now is probably the best thing they have going for him as a villain.

The parents finally starting to ask the right questions with authority was one of the better developments to come out of this first season. The drama between them held most back from being able to see the big picture past their own ego and desires. Now with no one feeling safe we are able to experience this new perspective from the parents where what they didn’t know before isn’t acceptable with all that they have lost and sacrificed along the way. The Yorkes in particular I have come to enjoy because they push for answers even though they both know that they are never in a position to afford getting into trouble. They always knew a little more than the others about what to be suspicious of, so it was fun to see their reaction when certain things come to light that they could see coming. Now the other truth that came to light? That was quite the scene to endure for the emotion we got out of some parents who needed answers to the troubles their family faced. Beyond that, I would say it was the Wilders who stole the spotlight as they now start to take on that intimidating role you know them to have. They are now the couple to mess with and hopefully they will be able to make that statement in time. Till then, they got the right nudge that they needed in the right direction.

Only one thing was truly questionable about this first season, and everything about it had to do with Frank Dean. I understood the need to have him as a character who sees things as an outsider, though there’s too much you aren’t seeing about his actions currently. Is he playing the long game? Did the power go to his head? Does he really think he can trust Jonah to help anyone but himself? Who knows, though not questions you would have liked to carry over past this season finale.

There was a few developments here and there that I loved because they teased one thing that is familiar from the books, but also shook things up with another question about trust for these kids. I mean this shouldn’t be a spoiler for anyone who actually has read Runaways, but there is someone who can’t be trusted. It was a good set-up for something to come down the road when they are further into their adventures. With that said, in terms of fan service, they definitely nailed a few things when it came to attire for the characters. Some things they nailed exactly as seen, though other things they clearly put the effort into trying to keep close to the core of others.

The Marvel’s Runaways season finale “Hostile” changed the game in a big way. Running away took a whole new meaning for this group of kids. The recent announcement of a Runaways season two couldn’t have come at a better time when now there’s much more to be excited about when it comes to the direction of this show. They took things a step further for these kids to genuinely feel as though it is them against the world. Even better, everything this hour was revealing as they should be to tie up loose ends. I am on the fence about the need to keep the parents so involved, but needless to say there i more drive to their actions than whatever pettiness was building up throughout the season.

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