Marvels Ultimate Universe Ends? Marvels Age of Ultron Trailer | Comic Crossovers EP:33


So this week on the show we will be talking about the possible end to the Marvels Ultimate Universe, The expansion of the Mark Millars “Jupiters Legacy” universe, Darkwing Duck making a comeback to comic books, an Inhuman event is possibly coming in 2015 and we will also talk a little bit about the Age of Ultron trailer. If all that is not enough for ya don’t worry we will also be reviewing and discussing 4 books this week in the form of Memetic #1, Colder The Bad Seed #1, Catwoman #35 and Edward Scissorhands #1

Hey there everybody welcome to the Comic Crossovers Podcast EP:33 for the week of October, 22 2014. As always my name is Steven and I am joined by my two co-host Jessica and Jideobi. Now what we have decided to do is that whenever we are short a member we always look to our contributors on GeekedOutnation help us out, one that has stepped up frequently to share some comic book wisdom is CJ.  So we have decided to make CJ a regular member of the Podcast and from now on we will be hearing 4 voices being pumped into your ear drums. For those of you that don’t know the comic crossovers podcast is geekedoutnation.coms comic book podcast. Every week we get together and discuss the best comic book related news stories, as well as review some of the week’s books. We record live every over on the Geekedoutnation YouTube channel. So if you want to see our pretty faces and leave us a comment you can do so buy heading over there and show us some love. If you don’t want sit in front of your computer or phone and watch the video don’t worry because you can find us on itunes, Sticher, Podbean and everywhere podcast are available. The best way to show us some support is stopping by Itunes and leaving us a review or even leaving us a comment on the most recent podcast article on


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