Midnight, Texas “Angel Heart” Review


MIDNIGHT TEXAS — “Angel Heart” Episode 107 — Pictured: Jason Lewis as Joe — (Photo by: Karen Kuehn/NBC)

Now is when it feels like in Midnight, Texas there is a singular plot to follow. All it took was the right moment to flip the switch on what’s coming that affects them all. Could it have been nice to follow all these things going on with the characters on their own? Sure, but that doesn’t help when you are trying to breathe life into the town itself. Which can only happen when there is a core problem for them all to tackle, that will in turn solve all their personal problems.

This week took us into the backstory of a character I wasn’t expecting us to get into just yet. It was only right that the next step would be to address what comes for Joe now that he has exposed who he is and what would come after him for doing so. Joe I will admit wasn’t the most interesting character at first, but he definitely holds your interest when he quite literally comes from a different world than the rest. Getting into the story of Heaven and a fallen angel is bold, but so far I think they have handled it well enough. This bounty hunter from Joe’s past arriving to punish him for leaving the angelic fold is just the entry point we need into better understanding where he comes from. His story and what it revealed about even Chuy made this worthwhile. I got the same engagement as I did from Lem’s backstory.

The bounty hunter so far is one of the best things to come across Midnight. Everything else that has come across this town though fearsome, didn’t have the personality that Bowie has. She not only had the power to be formidable, but the personality to create a solid interaction with. I mean that ability to be able to see secrets from others worked perfectly against a cast like this. Normally I would hate drama surrounding secrets, but this is the first show that plays so well into how it can be your greatest weapon or downfall.

Action was what I was looking forward to here and they did not disappoint. Never at the start this series did I expect to see a fight between two Angels. It wasn’t something put to an end with a simple trick or two, it was quite brutal. Especially with what an encounter with a pissed off Angel devolved into. I’m not going to lie that they actually got me a bit shaken that this might be where someone bites the dust.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Angel Heart” Episode 107 — Pictured: (l-r) Yul Vázquez as Rev. Sheehan, Breeda Wool as Bowie — (Photo by: NBC)

After the events of the last episode, getting into the mindset of Creek I didn’t mind as much as I would have before. The only thing that was missing for Creek was what brought her to a town like this. What made her fit in with the rest was for better or for worse was that there was something unfortunate that came back to bite her. Seeing where the others find themselves was also a good point to follow. Even when they revealed that the veil between life and death was wearing thin, that didn’t change what the others were going through. It was good to see that Fiji was still being haunted by this demon after her, better that there was consistency to the ghost that Manfred was both seeing and hearing. A lot of people are dealing with a lot of things and I’m quite surprised that they found a balance between it all. Most shows might make the mistake of chopping things up too much though there’s still so much to explore.

Despite everything they still found some time to address the larger picture at hand. Joe brought up this war, but I don’t think he brought it up to the right person. At the time it seemed as such, yet not who would make the greatest impact on this town by knowing what to expect.

Midnight, Texas “Angel Heart” was the full package as one of the best episodes so far. Excellent villain when you have one with a proper history, action that really took advantage of what this cast of supernaturals are capable of, and a true fear that we could be in danger of losing someone. They did pretty much everything right even if the end of the episode did shake things up in a weird way. Probably to give the story a little breathing room, but we will see how that turns out for our reluctant hero.

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