Midnight, Texas “I Put Spell on a You” Review


MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “I Put a Spell On You” Episode 204 — Pictured: (l-r) Peter Mensah as Lemuel, François Arnaud as Manfred, Parisa Fitz Henley as Fiji, Dylan Bruce as Bobo, Jaime Ray Newman as Patience — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Heartbreak and departure played a big role in last week’s Midnight, Texas. I would say that was one of the more important episodes this season for the jumping-off point created for a lot of these character’s storylines. We now move forward having a lot more clarity towards what challenges they will all face both directly and indirectly. This week also has the added appeal of taking us back to the original mission statement of the Midnighters looking after their own, new and resident.

As a whole, the best part of this episode was getting back to that familiar ground with what these Midnighters do. The last person that these guys had the opportunity to go out of their way to help was Manfred. Sure, there was Kai and Patience this season, but that is still much of a crawl. I would say it actually took until the end of this episode for Patience to genuinely understand what it means to set roots in this town. The way that they joined forces to protect this newcomer was heartwarming. This was a supernatural with an ability we have seen before, but taken from a new perspective that I loved. This show has done well so far by putting their own spin on some of them that can exist whether a vampire who feeds on energy or a were person who can change into a tiger. The person tasked with this newcomer was what caught me off guard. With this person being young, you would never expect her to be up to the task. This shot us miles ahead when trying to understand more of what personally holds Olivia back from being an open individual.

The rescue from the fighting ring was probably one of the best scenes we have gotten out of this season so far. It has been a while since we have seen Lem in that kind of action, and it reminds you of how powerful he is compared to most of the others in Midnight. How they all got into their roles for this was fun as well. Be it Lem as the muscle, Manfred as the ring leader, or Patience using her ability to improvise, they did great when put on the spot. I was surprised by Joe’s involvement, though delighted by the fierce way that Olivia made sure she got to release some tension. She takes a shot when she has the opening and makes it count.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “I Put a Spell On You” Episode 204 — Pictured: Peter Mensah as Lemuel — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

What I found so endearing about this plot was the way that Patience was drawn into the action. I’m not going to lie that I feel a lot more for the way that Manfred and Patience connect than I did when he was with Dawn. There is a sense of wonder to Patience that you can’t ignore. She has seen the impossible, but there was still so much for her to be exposed to. Not to mention the kind of dangers that can surround the supernatural. Her position in all of this kind of felt like she was one of us experiencing the thrill and rush of it all. I almost feared for a second the way that she was most helpful, but she definitely still has a lot to offer in her own way despite not being special. Whether the time she is spending with Manfred or the other Midnighters, there was something to appreciate for the contrast they are pulling to what she has with Kai. A guy who is never around, making her feel noticed, or relevant. This group/family has pretty much shown her what she has probably been missing out. Seeing what next week’s episode is going to be about, I couldn’t disagree with the troubles that will arise now that she sees what she wants more of, instead of what she has.

Speaking of endearing, it was impossible not to feel something for Fiji and Bobo’s situation. You couldn’t blame Fiji for the way she decided to push Bobo away, but that didn’t mean you were ready for the hurt he was going to feel with a broken heart yet again. This guy is practically a puppy dog when he looks at you with pain in his eyes. Normally his brand of naivety would drive you crazy, but that kind of love is not something you throw away so easily. The title of this episode lived up to the name when it seemed the only way out of this danger was with the right spell. The first one that Fiji used you knew was going to backfire quick. However, it was the second one that hits you right where it hurts the most since she had to go with the lesser of two evils.

Midnight, Texas “I Put Spell on a You” provided the fun you can have in playing the hero, while at the same time showing where love can really hurt with the right obstacles. Olivia opens up some old wounds, while Fiji creates some new ones. Next week is going to be pretty big when there is going to be some response to character choices made in this episode.

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