Midnight, Texas “Lemuel, Unchained” Review


MIDNIGHT TEXAS — “Lemuel, Unchained” Episode 103 — Pictured: Peter Mensah as Lemuel — (Photo by: John Golden Britt/NBC)

It seems like with each week we are getting to know a different character better than their introduction. We’ve come to understand why some of them would move to a place like Midnight, Texas and what makes them so special or dangerous to themselves and/or others. Not to mention we are seeing what it is like for them to live in a town co-existing with regular people. They don’t say Midnighters look out for their own without reason as we find out quickly enough. The hope is that we continue to do so through more interactions and developments that take us on a clear direction for the story.

By the title of this episode being Midnight, Texas “Lemuel, Unchained”, it was easy to figure out who they would be focusing on this time around. Like I have said before, Lem is one of the characters who instantly grabbed my attention when he introduced himself as a vampire. He has all the perks of vampires that we know of physically, but at the same time he has the unique ability to draw energy from another person. Something which I find more fascinating than needing to suck someone’s blood. Vampires do have their strict lore, but there are times when you should shake it up a bit if you can. Now this is the episode where his past comes back for a visit. It made sense that this early on we could see the difference between a vampire like Lem and a vampire like the rest of them. It goes without saying that there’s appreciation for the fact that they didn’t go the route where he was conveniently the only vampire. The same way there is as we now know more weretigers and what not out there.

His story was pretty cool because there is evidence to go with the saying that he has been around for quite some time. How he came to be a vampire made sense of the kind of person he is now as opposed to being your typical vampire like the others seem to be.Well how he broke free from the life of your average vampire told a better story. There’s so much depth to his character, even before this episode. It was a treat that we could get to know him this well. Lem’s relationship with these other vampires does create the right setting of tension considering how hard it can be for someone like him to turn on his own kind. They are his family, but so are the people of Midnight.

MIDNIGHT TEXAS — “Lemuel, Unchained” Episode 103 — Pictured: Francois Arnaud as Manfred — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

The rest of the Midnighters trying to deal with the vampire situation was exactly what we needed to see from them at this stage. It felt natural that their first instinct would be suspicion that there is another reason for the vampire’s visit. At this point I would have feared them doing the cliche thing and blaming Manfred for everything currently going wrong, but they played it smart to show that this is in fact a sequence of events that they needed to pay attention to. How each of them prepare for the worst was necessary to spend the time on. For Manfred this was a big step forward. I wrote him off pretty fast as the reluctant hero who wouldn’t use his powers for anyone but himself or his own gain. Glad to be proven wrong there and much more to like about him with that said.

Olivia is the only character who still has ways to go for us to really latch on to her like the rest of the cast. I give her credit for being the hardened Midnighter who does what has to be done, though at some point we may have to get a bit more out of her. Till then she is still the most badass of the group. That is a role that I don’t see being filled any time too soon.

Joe telling the Rev about his suspicions of the veil to hell opening in Midnight is an interesting development. not too much came of this, but just a little was all we needed when there were bigger things going on in the town.

Midnight, Texas “Lemuel, Unchained” is another awesome episode which shined a light on another character who proved worthy of the spotlight.. Listen here, I don’t know what True Blood is or really care. Midnight, Texas stands out when this is more than dealing with vampires primarily. Protecting your own means more than literally your own. Midnighters you invest in because they take everything awesome about the supernatural and push the boundaries in what can be done with them.

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