Midnight, Texas “Resting Witch Face” Review


MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Resting Witch Face” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) François Arnaud as Manfred, Nestor Carbonell as Kai, Jaime Ray Newman as Patience — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

***Spoiler Warning***

Last week was a wild ride for the Midnighters, and that was only setting up what madness was about to be unleashed this week. So much that could go wrong in this town exploded all at once. You would have never seen half of this craziness coming till it happened. Fiji’s dark descent into magic? A Trickster God treating them like toys? Creek dead? And Chuy finally losing control of his demon half upon finding out Joe was cheating on him? That last one was a mouthful, and yet these reactions do not do that episode justice.

Picking up from the death of Creek, this was the final nail in the coffin for a Manfred who has been looking for every reason to make this thing between himself and Kai personal. They could not have chosen a better way to escalate this situation since this now has become a problem that everyone wants a piece of. You mess with one Midnighter, and you are just asking for the rest to join in. How they closed this chapter for Creek was heartwarming in spite of everything that I was bothered about her character up to those final moments. From there the pacing picked up, as well as the sense of urgency. The kind of push that this plot needed when there was work to be done to even understand what it is exactly that Kai is trying to do with the powers he relieves from supernaturals.

While last week I commended the writing for Kai,  this week took bigger steps forward than simply giving him transparency in his actions and motivations. This was also personal for Kai, but not for the reasons that everyone assumed. That was where they truly got us at this stage in the story. We were so focused on the drama and what not, that it was easy to overlook the very things that should have clicked for us at the very start. Such things involving a certain character named Patience. I always wondered what part she would play when things got serious. For as much as she is capable of without powers, there was something more that we were never seeing on the surface. Let’s take Patience’s dialogue for example. When she gets emotional, there was always this tendency as if she was forcing a reaction. I knew very well that this wasn’t the acting of the actress. This was the acting of Patience wanting something more than she was letting on. It caught me off guard seeing what that actually was, even if there was always something untrustworthy that we needed to pick up on much earlier. With that said, I was a bit let down by what also came when it was time for the clash between Manfred and Kai. That could have gone a lot of ways and I suppose I was a bit overwhelmed by the idea of a supernatural showdown. The execution of that scene was clever since there was a lot to understand from two parties simply listening to the other.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Resting Witch Face” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) François Arnaud as Manfred, Dylan Bruce as Bobo, Parisa Fitz Henley as Fiji — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Where Fiji fit into this chapter was the biggest shocker of this episode. Of course I do find myself a bit disappointed that we are actually going down that dark witch road. She turns evil, becomes a liability, and she might face being killed if she can’t be reached. That last part I cross my fingers that they dodge, but here we are at the other two things that have consumed her character for better or for worse. With that said, Fiji’s night on the town was an interesting development for a side to her that we have never seen before. Turning to the dark side really flipped everything you knew about Fiji on its head. I will give credit to the hair and dressing that changed for her as well. Bobo’s reaction would match yours when she does everything to hurt this guy who is too kind-hearted for his own good. His actions in response to hers was perfect as someone who realized what it would take to try to get through to her.

How they wrapped up this thing with Joe squaring off against a former ally to save Chuy, was heartbreaking. I can’t say that I as all too invested in the subplot they created for these three. The love triangle is a cliche that you just can’t avoid sometimes. The way this rescue for Chuy ended at least made up for the journey to that point. For an angel it was hard to believe that Joe could really lose his way so easily. He had moments of weakness, and he had moments of clarity. I’m just glad that at the end of the day he is still someone you want to see evolve from the mistakes he makes.

I shouldn’t forget to say this, but the send-off for Creek was great. It hit us with the same realization of how much she meant to the Midnighters as the Rev. I’m glad that there is no one who leaves or dies that they simply wash away. These characters only matter to us if they matter to the rest of the cast.

Midnight, Texas “Resting Witch Face” brought us to the big revelation of what has been unfolding in Midnight, and that did not disappoint one bit. An enemy who was hiding right under their noses, connections you didn’t see till the last-minute, chaos that stirred from characters simply not acting at the time where they could have minimized so much damage. What has been going on in this town indeed. How they fix this will be one hell of a miracle, but you want to see these Midnighters try.

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