Midnight, Texas Season 2 Premiere “Head Games” Review


MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Head Games” Episode 201 — Pictured: François Arnaud as Manfred — (Photo by: NBC)

You don’t know how ecstatic this guy was when they announced a season 2 for Midnight, Texas. When it comes to NBC, you unfortunately have to hold your breath for most new shows making it past season 1. It helped that this was another creative supernatural series, and one with characters you could invest in. The town in general was like its own entity that consistently evolved till the very end. All leading up to an interesting twist to the story that should make this town a bit more lively for better or for worse.

This season sees a big change in Manfred from the start. It might be unfortunate for Manfred, but I’m glad that there was actually a consequence to his action last season. You just don’t push yourself that far without a serious cost in return. It was probably the kick he needed in general to take exploration of his powers to the next level. I have to hand it to François Arnaud. He stepped up his game in this season premiere with the effort he put into his own possessions. It was believable that you were dealing with two different people. The level-headed Manfred, and then the version of him that is the stuff of nightmares between the voice, awkward gestures, and the effect that possession has on his appearance. How his demon cancer was dealt with was a creative move made by the Midnighters and a surprise help. It matters now that they get a little bold in how they deal with supernatural situations. Especially the ones that require more than punching and kicking.

Now when it came to Manfred’s relationship with Creek, that was interesting for the fact that she was another major character you didn’t see advertised in the big return. The Rev was clearly going to leave to my knowledge, but she was also not very present in anything promotional. So I like that they didn’t waste time addressing what was up with that for those who cared about what possibilities there were between Creek and Manfred. by the end of the episode I wasn’t too shocked by what pushed her out the door. Manfred has his issues, and she has one too many that make it difficult to remain in this town.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Head Games” Episode 201 — Pictured: Jason Lewis as Joe — (Photo by: NBC)

As for the rest of the cast, it was a nice catch-up for all of them seeing where they are now in their lives after the events of the season one finale. Luckily there was nothing significant to expect from them, just moments to soak in the peaceful phase of their lives before things gets serious again. And speaking of seriousness, that brings us to the central pull for this second season, the new hotel. This first episode was quick to jumping into the mood set from what this hotel might bring along with many tourists. The place of course seems nice on paper, but there was no denying the underlying terrors they were opened up to when this town is still not fully free of evil. Not the kind that still existed within, and not from the kind that can still enter. It helped that there was a differing reception to this new couple with the hotel. Some were open to their presence, others by nature couldn’t help but question what brings them there. The air of suspicion that carried through the episode was nice, and that was even if we knew that at the end of the day these people were legitimate in their business practices.

Despite anything serious ongoing in Midnight, it was a breath of fresh air to follow the never-ending romantic moments with Fiji and Bobo. That is despite the fact that they spent many scene taking the breath from each other. While this wasn’t an episode for anything major to develop between them, I do hope that the episode to follow has them slow down a bit. The same could probably be said for Lemy and Olivia. Fun is fun when it comes to these two, but they should also remember that not everybody is there for the romance.

Our new character in this Walker Chisum was a point of interest. There were a few things I was not prepared for this season, and he was one of them as a new character. Not to mention being the addition of someone who is both openly gay and a demon hunter. Off the bat he is someone to pay attention to for the action he offers, because his choice of weapon is pretty cool, and because he is going to obviously create an obstacle for Joe and Chuy.

The Midnight, Texas season 2 premiere did not disappoint one bit. An excellent follow-up to the events of the first season, while at the same time setting the foundation for what’s to come in this new season. More darkness looms over this town, and the question is what form it will take when the time comes to take down the next big threat to the town.

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