Midnight, Texas Season Finale “The Virgin Sacrifice” Review


MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “The Virgin Sacrifice” — Pictured: (l-r) Parisa Fitz-Henley as Fiji, Ryan Mccarran as Jeremy — (Photo by: NBC)

Oh Fiji, what have you done? When this situation already felt out of hand for the Midnighters, there she goes making things that much harder. No one ever said that this would be easy, but they never said it would be this much of an uphill climb before the real battle can even begin. The hope going into this week’s episode was that they would just crank the dial and let the flood gates open. To my surprise that is exactly what may or may not happen here.

From the start of the episode you could feel the build-up in urgency as Fiji giving in didn’t stop the rest of the Midnighters. Just what any person would want to see from this group that no matter what can see the priority at hand. It goes without saying that they strike a good balance here between story and plot development. The plot takes priority here as it should. It didn’t matter what anyone was personally going through like Olivia and Lem when the fate of everyone was at stake. Till the finish of this episode the pacing was on point getting us from one key moment to the next. Once all the pieces were moved into place it came down to just the execution which for the most part they hit.

Fighting Wraith’s turned out to be pretty cool. Easier said than done, but they did just right when giving them a threat that would put their backs against the wall. Of course you would want to see this group of supernaturals prove why they are a force to be reckoned with, though when giving them that opportunity you also need to bump the power level of what they are dealing with. Who they choose to make an example out of with the Wraiths was a tough pill to swallow for the fact that it was the safest choice. To some extent you possibly could have seen it coming along with another character, but at the end of the day it had to be someone to send the message. Now when it was time for Colcannar to finally arise, I was impressed by both the practical effects and CGI they put into creating him. Not as big as I thought he may be, but imposing enough to make up for the lack in size. The fight with Colcannar could have been bigger. You push, and push, and while intense you do feel as though they rush through that final confrontation. What saves the day here are the lengths Manfred goes to put an end to Colcannar.

Given the situation at hand, Manfred continues to push the boundaries of her powers. At the start of this series I remember joking to myself wondering what he would do other than talk to dead people the whole time. I feel so much better that at this point in the series he developed into someone capable of much more through gypsy magic. Shockingly a lot more use of magic from him than Fiji, though it still makes sense when understanding the fear Fiji has for what she can do. What he plans to do here was really a gamble on his life. At this point I’m assuming all gypsy magic is dark, though someone has to be able to go to those places for the right reasons.

MIDNIGHT TEXAS — “The Virgin Sacrifice” Episode 110 — Pictured: (l-r) Yul Vázquez as Rev. Sheehan, Peter Mensah as Lemuel, Francois Arnaud as Manfred, Jason Lewis as Joe — (Photo by: Karen Kuehn/NBC)

How Fiji fights Colcannar was an okay development. The minute they revealed that she was a virgin witch, I think you could put together what they were planning to do with her from there. So while for her character this was a good move, it was something you could see coming a mile away.

I must say they killed me a little that they almost took the predictable route with Olivia. For the longest time they have pushed the fact that she hesitates dealing with the supernatural. Killing people is just fine, but she doesn’t always have the means to kill something that is more. When you pile that with her not wanting to become a vampire and you got yourself a recipe for the worst case scenario possibly coming her way. What this led to between her and Lem warmed the heart. Of all the couples here, theirs mattered and where this took them was the best end you could you could ask for. By the end of the episode it was all worthwhile when we now know an important detail that will lead her into a new chapter.

The gates of Hell didn’t quite bring much to the table, but everything leading up to the rise of Colcannar was excellent. Midnight, Texas “The Virgin Sacrifice” showed a lot of characters at their best, and why they should not be underestimated in what they will do for the greater good. One does have to wonder where this will now take the town of Midnight. I’m sure there is much to deal with as the aftermath, and then you also have this twist that might bring some unwelcome faces to the town. At the end of the day you couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion to this first season, with anticipation growing for the next.

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