Midnight, Texas “The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy” Review


MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy” Episode 202 — Pictured: François Arnaud as Manfred — (Photo by: NBC)

Never a dull moment in the little town of Midnight, Texas. Especially when this season we have the addition of a hotel in the wrong place, on top of everything else supernatural that may go wrong. As I said last week, more darkness looms over this town, and the question is what form it will take when the time comes to take down the next big threat to Midnight. That gives you a lot to get anxious for since in some way these characters will really have their hands full.

This was another big week for Manfred when having to wake-up the next day to the realization that Creek had left him and Midnight. It was a tough pill to swallow when you knew that this moment was coming, but it opened up new opportunities for Manfred as well. We can now see the guy when he has experienced heartbreak, when he is able to experience having friends to comfort him, and we can see how he genuinely responds to not getting his way. Those three things in particular made this a very engaging episode since it wasn’t hard to see where things were heading for him. What do you do when you need your mind off of something? You bury it in something productive. In this case that just so happens to be investigates a gruesome murder in the hotel. It was reassuring to see that after everything that has happened, nothing has moved Manfred away from doing what he does best, dealing with spirits. I was very impressed this time around by François Arnaud’s ability to handle a different kind of burden that came with communicating with them. Representing two different voices takes some work, and he did it with the appropriate body language to match.

Considering that this was all taking place in the hotel, all around there was great development for Patience and Kai. On one hand we could see some sense of wonder and affection blossoming from Patience from her interactions with a certain someone. Then on the other hand they took the chance to further explore the depths of what Kai is capable of. We don’t know the specific source of his power, but we do know that whatever that had provides him with is beyond what any of the Midnighters are capable of. I was glad that by the end of this episode some people could begin to ask the right questions about Kai and the intentions of this hotel. We got an idea of their intentions just from the response to this haunted room, though of course that was also just what we were seeing on the surface. Getting back to Patience, I do want to see what comes from her interactions with said person who she seems to be growing close to. It could be worthwhile, or it could be a tool to create drama for this season.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy” Episode 202 — Pictured: (l-r) Arielle Kebbel as Olivia, Peter Mensah as Lemuel — (Photo by: John Golden Britt/NBC)

Lem and Olivia’s psychic connection driving a wedge between them was something I saw coming a mile away. When this is one of those shows where there needs to be some obstacle for characters to climb, this was the only way moving forward that you could see for the two based on what was shoved in our faces. Not in a bad way of course, but it was to no shock that having this connection would backfire for this couple that is split between being too independent, or caring too much. You can figure out who suffers from what. I could call it unique since most married couples don’t have to deal with actually being able to feel what the other does. Now it was also the problem this created that stood out a bit more. It’s not every day that a problem could be either of their faults, yet it did at the same time lead to an awesome action sequence that tied them into the bigger story of this episode.

Only one thing left me questionable after the season premiere, and it was what this season had in store for Fiji and Bobo. I enjoyed the challenge created for them as a newly wedded couple. It was one that centered around magic, but more than that it tests the strength of their bond in the face of something that would keep them apart. With that said, it was entertaining how Bobo responded to his life put in danger by a series of strange ‘accidents. He’s a guy who enjoys being happy, so it made sense to give him something that would meet us halfway between that and Fiji’s need to be overly concerned about problems.

What caught me off guard was the way that for the most part these separate stories were able to connect by the end of the episode. It makes a big difference when we aren’t just being throwing into multiple storylines without a definitive start and end. It started with the hotel for one character, and ended in the hotel for many of them. That is how you keep everyone in a role of relevancy.

Midnight, Texas “The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy” was a great transition into this next episode. After the events of this hour, we walk away with a much better understanding of what is developing for these characters moving forward. It’s a whole new set of problems that they will either see coming, or they won’t. The question will be how they overcome these hurdles before it is too late.

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