Movie Podcast | Best of 2014 | MBP #44


Backlot Podcast Episode 44
Hey there Jabronis this is the Movie Backlot Podcast EP:44, I am one of your host Steven Merced and I am joined by Alexander Robinson and Dylan Mickanen. For those of you that don’t know the Movie Backlot podcast is geekedoutnation.coms Movie podcast. Every week we get together and Look at the weeks box office numbers, see whats coming out next week and discuss the biggest movie related news stories. After all that is said and done we turn the show towards Blu-Rays and see which ones are worth talking about.

We record live every Sunday over on the Geekedoutnation YouTube channel and the audio goes up on Itunes and anywhere podcast are available the very next day.

2014 Recap
1. 10-6 from each person
2. 5-2 from each person
3. Honorable Mentions from each person followed by their #1
4. Worst of the Year (5-2) From Each Person
5. Worst film of the year from each Host
2014 Best Moments
6. Biggest Surprise of the Year
7. Most Fun Time at the Theater of the year
8. Best Performance of the Year by an Actor
9. Best Performance of the Year by an Actress
10. Best Soundtrack of the year
11. Best Score of the year
12. Best Scene
13. Best Climax
14. Biggest disappointment of the year
15. Most Anticipated Movies of 2015 10-6 from each
16. Most Anticipated Movies of 2015 5-2 from each
17. Honorable Mentions followed by their Most Anticipated Movie of 2015 from each person

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