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Need a good comedy to distract you from the impending cold weather this weekend? Then look no further than Bad Grandpa. A fantastic comedy starring Johnny Knoxville and Jackson Nicoll as well as every unaware civilian captured in this hilarious road trip. With a Jackass meets Borat feel to it, this film will have you crying from laughter from beginning to the end of the credits. Literally!

The movie begins with Irving Zisman (Knoxville) losing his dear wife and rejoicing at his new found freedom. In the mist of the funeral, his only daughter stops by to drop off her son Billy (Nicoll) before heading to jail. Bidding a quick farewell to her mother (while snagging her pearls!) she is off and leaves the boys with an awkward yet hilarious wake. Zisman decides not to keep the “cockblocker” and wants to take him to his father so he can enjoy the single life. Once the agreement between he and the father is done, grandma is packed up in the trunk and what ensues is a hysterical trip across the Midwest.

"It's what he smells like!"

“It’s what he smells like!”

Nobody is safe from the hidden cameras as they make stops in male strip clubs, diners, grocery shops, a wedding, and even infiltrate a children’s pageant! Along with the stealing, destroying property, and making silly attempts to hit on women, there are definitely some touching moments. The biggest one being with the biker organization, G.O.C. (Guardians of the Children) who are always ready to step in when a child is in need of help.

Bad Grandpa is the movie to see this weekend! Best scenes are definitely the male strip club and the children’s pageant. I haven’t laughed this hard at the movies in a long time!

"Make it rain grandpa, make it rain."

“Make it rain grandpa, make it rain.”

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There are guaranteed laughs and some heart felt moments. This movie is definitely not for everyone, specially those who are easily offended. Go see it anyway!

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