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Delivery Man is essentially a remake of a successful Canadian film titled Starbuck. It is also clearly nodding to the original because the kids wanting to know the identity of their father, call him Starbuck, or the name he went by when rubbing one (or 600 something) off in a sperm donor. Doing this, his sperm generates 533 children he never knew existed.

Going in I had neutral expectations. I saw the trailer once, in front of Thor, but that’s it. Otherwise I had little to no background info on this film. I heard about months ago but never felt obligated to look up on it. Delivery Man is an average comedy, with a bit of heart.

Vince Vaughn surprised me in this film, because he did not do is traditional shtick. He made me laugh and brought some genuine heart into the film that definitely elevated the films quality a bit. Also Cobie Smolders is in it, and she plays Vince Vaughn’s girlfriend that he impregnated. However she plays a cop and it is ridiculous. This has nothing to do with her being a women but she was easily my least favorite thing in The Avengers, her being in uniform. She is not believable in that sense, but she wasn’t bad in the movie, just not particularly special. Chris Pratt was a standout because he was the opposite of an uplifting character aside Vince Vaughn being down on his luck. Chris Pratt’s character is clearly stuck in a rut of his own, and not to mention, he is the comedic vehicle in this film, very funny. Another thing worth mentioning is that all of the kids were good in the time being that they were shown.

The central storyline was delivered with lighthearted intentions, and it worked. I had a good time watching Vaughn’s character interact with his many, many children. Simple things such as just making their day, doing a service for them, I have no complaints there. My complaints come from the side-stories and an overabundance of clichés and conventionalities.

One of these side-stories is Vince Vaughn character being in debt with a mob; oh don’t worry though, the script forgets about it, so can we. But so much time is wasted on this dumb mob thing, throughout many scenes Vaughn’s character is asking his family for money. Why not cut this out making it a shorter and breezier, better film. So many clichés as well, this mob side-story is a cliché as well. Why do so many comedies add a threatening physical force all of the time. Why not make the threats realistic and suitable for the films subject matter.

Most of the movies time is spent getting to know these children. It being the main story of the film, it helps the movie by being successful; if the side stories are weak, then at least make the main one worth the price of admission. Vince Vaughn shows a great deal of charisma with these kids and one bittersweet moment taking place in a park.

Of course coming out on the same weekend as Catching Fire, Delivery Man is not going to do very well. This brings me to think because I think this was originally supposed to have an October release date. That would have been a better investment, maybe I am wrong. I cannot say that Delivery Man is worth the full price, but it would make an appropriate rental.

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Not top tier film-making but if you look past the cliches you may enjoy it as I did.

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