Missing all of those smash-hit blockbusters from the summer? September just wasn’t the same standard was it? No need to worry though, as the late summer films are on their way to DVD, so you can relive those happier times. Below I give my verdict on the top DVD releases for the upcoming month, and why they made the podium finish.



October kicks off with my personal favourite, This is the End. From the duo that brought you the likes of Superbad and Pineapple Express, Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg strike up another gem, with more cameos than you can shake a stick at.DVzPqMInfEGrDD_4_l

The premise is simple, Seth Rogan and Jay Baruchel attend a celebrity party at James Franco’s house, but the night takes a turn for the worse when they are faced with the apocalypse. This film isn’t going to win any awards for the story line, but if there was an award for funniest film of the year, well, I know what I’d have my money on.

This is the End is just truly, a hilarious film, The cast all play their part in making the laughs, surprisingly James Franco included, and the fact that pretty much 50% of this film was ad-libbed, makes it pretty impressive. Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson support the three main actors, all playing exaggerated versions of themselves brilliantly. There are cameos from the likes of Rihanna, to Emma Watson, popping up all over the place, and in the opening party scenes, pretty much every comedy actor in Hollywood is present even if just for a second on screen, which just adds to the hilarity of each scene.

The bromance that is Seth Rogan and James Franco works better than ever in this film, and creates some genuine laughs, but Danny McBride and Jonah Hill are the two stars for me. I have never laughed so much than with the scenes those two are in, as they are genuinely hilarious actors, that have been given the freedom to do whatever they want by director Rogan.

Whether you’ve seen this film in the cinema or not, This is the End is a must buy, as it will make you laugh time and time again. Why would you not want to own the funniest film of the year?

DVD & Blu-ray release date: October 1 (US)



Pipped to the post by This is the End, my second choice to own on DVD this month is none other than Pixar’s Monsters University.

1713Perhaps not an obvious choice for audiences above a certain age, but that is the genius of Pixar, they make films for all ages. A five year old when the original Monsters Inc came out, I have waited 12 years for Monsters University to happen, and when it finally arrived, I was not disappointed.

Sully and Mike return to our lives as teenagers, setting off for university in this prequel to Monsters Inc. They start out as rivals, but soon grow accustomed to each other’s ways, and so the friendship is born. They team up with a bunch of hopeless students, in an ambitious attempt to win the scare school’s scaring contest, with some hilarious consequences.

Seeing this film took me right back to my childhood, and I found myself laughing all the way through, as Mike Wazowski outdoes himself from his previous outing as the clumsy monster, and is accompanied by some brilliantly refreshing new characters, along with a few fan favourites from the original making cameos, including the abominable snowman.

It’s fair to say Pixar haven’t been up to their usual standards with films like Cars 2 and Brave not doing as well as hoped, but they went back to their roots and delivered a fantastic feel-good film for the whole family. So whether you’re a young child, a teenager like myself, or an adult, and whether you want to admit it or not, you will find yourself enjoying this film.

DVD & Blu-ray release date: October 29 (US)



Clinching the final podium spot is Guillermo del Toro’s sci-fi  action-adventure, Pacific Rim.

When deadly monsters, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea intent on destroying planet Earth’s resources and all of its inhabitants, the military respond with a special type of weapon, in the form of giant robots.

When a friend first showed me the trailer for Pacific Rim, I couldn’t believe how I’d missed so much news on Transformers 4, then I realised this was not Transformers, just another film about giant fighting robots, and as a massive Transformers fan, I felt a bit ripped off by Warner Bros attempts. I reluctantly watched the film, only to be proved completely wrong.13032a

Yes the premise is that giant robots protect earth, but it’s not like we’re watching Optimus Prime and Megatron go head to head for the umpteenth time. These robots are a military invention, operated by pilots, and when all hope seems lost, a washed-up pilot played by Charlie Hunnam is called upon. So the concept differs from Transformers, but follows one similar to Independence Day. So what did I learn? Transformers + Independence Day = Pacific Rim.

This in my opinion is not a bad combination, and I don’t believe Pacific Rim is a rip off of those two films, I believe it has took the best qualities of those two films and put them together into one action packed thrill ride, and I believe this is the future of Hollywood. Whether you like it or not, films are no longer original, pretty much everything has been done, but instead of copying a film, Pacific Rim has took ingredients from a number of films and piled them together into a unique premise. I wasn’t thinking of Transformers during this film, and I wasn’t thinking of Independence Day either, I was engrossed by the incredible special effects and mind-blowing action sequences, and was thinking of one thing only, how awesome is this film?!

Pacific Rim is a traditional popcorn movie. It hasn’t focused too much on characters and plot, it is all about the phenomenal action sequences, accompanied by the hero’s journey, a formula used in all good action films, and has resulted in one big bad-ass movie. And with its box-office success, and rising stars like Brit favourite Idris Elba, it is a franchise in the making, and well worth a purchase on DVD!

DVD & Blu-ray release date: October 15 (US)


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