Fright Night 2 : New Blood ( 2013 ) Review


Welcome to Fright Night…..again.  When I say again, I really do mean again.

So you may think this is a sequel to the 2011 remake Fright Night movie. It’s a natural progression, and even the original movie spawned a sequel with a female vampire threat for the second time around.

However this is actually another remake of the original movie once again albeit with a couple of changes. The most notable change being the vampire is female as it was in this original 1988 sequel.

Unlike that movie however she isn’t playing the sister of the original Jerry Dandridge, she actually IS Gerri Dandridge played by Jamie Murray who you may know from Syfy’s Defiance. See what they did with the name there.

The other main change is that this actually takes place in Romania, with a group of college kids going on some kind of college exchange trip.FrightNight2_THUMB

The lead character Charlie Brewster (Will Payne) thinks he may have spotted a beautiful female vampire in an adjacent building from his hotel. To his Dismay he learns she is actually a professor in one of his classes. As in the original , Charlie tries to find more evidence to prove his theory mainly to his best friend ‘Evil’ Ed Bates and his estranged ex-girlfriend Amy. He eventually enlists the help of Peter Vincent who is the host of a ‘Most Haunted’ style reality TV show. That will lead to the inevitable confrontation with the Vampire in her lair.

The first issue for many I feel is that this isn’t actually a sequel at all, and is in fact a remake of a remake. You could even argue this is Fright-Night-2-2013-Movie-Blu-ray-Coverthe third attempt at a remake if you count 2008’s Never cry werewolf which was once again a remake of the same story just substituting a vampire for a werewolf.  I do have to question the decision to remake a movie only 2 years after the last remake except this time with a lower budget and no big name actors attached.  But based on this films own merits this film does have a couple of plus points.

The first one is Jamie Murray as the Vampire Gerri Dandridge. She is wonderfully seductive  and permeates both intelligence and malice when needed, although there are a couple of times when she needlessly sneers at the camera . There is also an attempt to link the character with an actual historical figure that is blatantly foreshadowed early on in the movie. The effects are worthy of note too with a good use of some reasonable gore effects and practical make up.

However this movie seriously lacks the charm of the original movie or the sense of danger from the 2011 version.  The protagonist characters are also fairly unlikeable in particular Charlie Brewster who comes across as whiney and a bit stalkerish. But Amy just seems like the stereotypical dumb blonde from countless other horror movies and Peter Vincent is completely forgettable when you compare his character to the iterations of him.

There is also a strange new ability that the vampires have in this movie that will have you slapping your head when you see what they do with it.

Finally the Climax of this movie is rather a confusing mess that will leave you a little cold towards the movie.

0x5.1280x720The acting is ok for this kind of direct top dvd/vod movie , with only Jamie Murray coming out with anything worth remembering.

I feel it would have been better suited if they had cut the ties with the Fright night franchise and made a more standalone movie or actually made a sequel. On its own though, it’s at last competently made if un remarkable.

Reviewer : Leo

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Competently made if un remarkable. Worth seeing if your a Jamie Murray fan, but dont expect to remember this movie after a week

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