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Homefront is another film that I had no expectations for. As always, no expectations are better than low expectations. My expectations were similar to those of Escape Plan or The Last Stand. Dumb action movies that just happen to be fun for a man’s night out. As far as Homefront, maybe more manly and gritty, but also less fun and is missing old-school action tropes.

homefront-james-franco-jason-statham-1Jason Statham is more of a modern action star then a throw-back action star. But he has appeared in both Expendable movies so it throws me off with him. He is in that, which is dumb fun action, but on his own, his movies are way too dead-serious. The only Jason Statham film that I have liked of his (that are action) was the film Safe. I know Jason Statham is a good actor but he is drowned in these type-casts. He is always believable and good in these roles but is casting agent needs to let him branch out. Snatch was a very good movie, and had a great performance by none other than Jason Statham himself, oh and he was not violent either.

Of course Statham was good, he was the best part of Homefront by far. It was great to see him kick hillbilly butt. I live in a town full of them, and I sure wish I could whoop them like Statham does here. As awesome as it is to see this, there is not enough of it. Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay and he felt the need to add a story that he thought was logical. It was not totally stupefied but it should have embraced fun and excitement. I love it when he slams hillbilly head into the side of trucks, but do it repeatedly until his pops. Well maybe that is more appropriate for Machete or something. But when you have an action movie, make it fun for us all to watch.

Homefront_D9_2958.CR2James Franco plays Gator Bodine, a ruthless drug-lord who will stop at nothing to bring Phil Broker (Statham) crashing down, even if he has to bring it to Statham’s porch. James Franco played Alien spectacularly in Spring Breakers as a villain, but here there is not much to work with. Violent and over-the-top, not enough there to like. However Kate Bosworth plays a convincing crack-whore, so there is that. Also Winona Ryder plays a similar role as Bosworth but is not nearly as utilized as Bosworth.

Homefront is just too lazy and simple to work for me. In Escape Plan we see Schwarzenegger and Stallone escape a prison through unique plans and old-school fist pumping action. Unfortunately Homefront is about Phil Broker and his daughter are begrudged by angry town-folk, they will fight for what’s rightfully theirs.

Homefront is not terrible by any means. It is smoothly paced and somewhat entertaining, but it is poorly made and follows the clichés that do not work for movies. Is it called Homefront because the fight at the end is in front of their home? Also congrats to Statham for having the best haircut since Nick Cage from Next, at the beginning of this film.

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Homefront might be a good movie for men who want eat pizza and drink beer late at night with their friends, but it is not a good movie.

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