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Warning: This film has a scene that will make you nearly leave the theater at first, don’t worry, the scenes turns out to be funny and might even make you LMFAO (okay I’m done with the puns). Now going into Last Vegas all you should expect is seeing these four fantastic actors get together and have a great time. The film can be very funny and even emotional, but not without it’s dumb parts.Morgan-Freeman

The main draw of Last Vegas is seeing these actors together and it is a blast.  Each one plays off the other very well and all bring it this time. Morgan Freeman was my favorite character since it was Morgan Freeman doing all these things and it was hilarious. None are here just for a paycheck and clearly care about the project.  The adventure these four go on is a fun one even if the pacing seems a bit off which is strange since the film is 90 minutes long, but you are never bored.  Dan Fogelman wrote a nice script and the directing by Jon Turteltaub was subtle but effective.  The director clearly had a knack for comedic timing.

This film is very  funny and has one reference that almost brought me to tears. I would say that I was probably the youngest person in my theater and everyone was laughing.  Anyone from the ages of 12 and above will really enjoy this movie.  Walking out of the theater the reception seemed overwhelmingly positive. There are moments in this film that seem to only be there for the sake of a joke and normally I would say that is terrible but no one is seeing this for the plot, it is there but not that important.  This is a comedy with a little heart to it and honestly what more could you ask for?

Last-Vegas_Poster-618x400All in all, this a film that anyone can enjoy and although I won’t go out of my way to see it again, if I dragged along I won’t mind sitting through it again.  

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Last Vegas is a fun time at the movies that will make you laugh and even has some heart to it.

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