Movies Themed Slot Machines


A world away from their prototypes that we all know and love, movie based slots are all the rage in the ever vigorous gambling industry. Seeking to reinvent old classics and recent blockbusters in a new and exciting way, these jewels of slot games conveniently save the time and energy it takes to conjure a theme that must be different in an endless stream of slot games produced every day, in order to stay competitive. At the same, these games can be a wonderful introduction to the fun and thrilling world of gambling – new players can learn and test their luck in a familiar setting of their favourite motion pictures. Any great film you can think about – there is almost certainly a slot based upon it to be enjoyed.

Most of these lots, being that they are what we might call up to the minute products, have a pristine visual quality that adds another dimension to their general appeal. Some of them are quite fancy, others straightforward, but each boasts a compelling graphic design which is, in all respects, above average. Another attractive trait to mention is an abundance of striking scores and sound effects to further enhance each new chapter of your gambling adventures.

Some of the most popular and sought-after titles are wanted because they are entertaining and have a chance at high prize pools. All types of Movie based slots accounting for every taste and play-style to choose from. These companies are certainly trying to clear some very high bars with all the modern features they tend to include in their slots – free spins, multiplying features, a variety of Wild symbols and creative bonus games are something to look forward to when it comes to this brand of entertainment.

Best Movie Themed Slots

For those of you still considering taking the plunge into this action-packed portion of gaming delicacies, there are a few titles hand-picked by me to help you make up your mind. These are just a few of the many I have come across that are pretty entertaining.


Aliens is one such slot, where players take on the role of Ripley to battle hordes of xenomorphs in a pursuit of Wilds, free spins and various cash prizes. Incorporating detailed animations and chilling sound effects, this slot widens out to reflect all the euphoric elements that made the film so memorable.

Another interesting installment worth mentioning is the Scarface slot. Although different in style and aim, it is just as good and certainly deserves all the praise it gets. Amid the controversial theme elements which are completely in line with the famous motion picture, players will find lots of great opportunities to profit via modern features such as free spins, Nudge Wilds and bonus games.

If these are too hard-core for you, and you wish for something lighthearted to relax and enjoy, than Wizard of Oz might be worth trying out. This slot is set in a cheerful atmosphere, quite a number of special features and a jackpot worthy of risk.

Following an oldie but goldie route, another classic called Gremlins is pretty fun as well. Unique to this slot is the possibility to alter the appearance of the reels by choosing one of the two modes of gameplay.

There are plenty to choose from like Top Gun, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Cowboys and Aliens, Blade are only a small part of their large offering. Each of these games invokes the familiar feel of the feature films, while also having something fresh to give to a wide variety of gamblers. Massive jackpots, imaginative gameplay and sharp graphics.

Whether movie based slots games are your kind of games or not, one thing is certain – they enjoyably skip around from action to drama to horror and back again. And when there’s many winning opportunities clothed in this much fun, it’s a shame to pass on.

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