My Hero Academia “A Talk About Your Quirk” Review


Hard to believe the provisional license exam has come to a close already, but it was a good exam for everything tested about the progress of these students after everything they have been through up to this point. That filler episode aside, everything was straightforward between action and very memorable character moments. This week is a big one because the landscape changes in a big way. Having that license changes everything for these students moving forward. Particularly if you didn’t receive one.

I’m not going to lie, I had a feeling that I already knew who was going to pass, and who would fail. It wasn’t that hard to figure that out for yourself based on what we had seen from the student performance, and what was extensively explained about the grading process. So for this week, it really came down to how those who passed would react, and how they would react to those who didn’t. Especially those who didn’t since they were some of the more powerful of the bunch. It was everything you would have expected from some of them and more. There was a lot of growth to take from their reactions considering this was supposed to be a period of growth, regardless of pass or fail. I think the twist thrown in at the end of the final speech was very-much appreciated.. This is a loss for some, but it was by no means a loss of hope towards their progress as heroes.

Moving on from that, I enjoyed the bit of conversation between All Might and All For One. Seeing that second clip of the two talking left a lot to anticipate between them. All For One grabbed the spotlight almost instantly with his villainous monologue. There’s nothing more fun than a villain who is truly dangerous, and at the same time able to back it up with wit and instigation. What both had to say was a long time coming. At this stage in the main story, I think we really needed a deeper explanation of the world that is unfolding. We better understand what drives All For One’s actions, and what he has hoped to achieve through his latest attack. World-building is always key, and this was the best time to make sure we didn’t forget the world around the students.

The big moment for this episode was the big talk that was supposed to be held between Midoriya and Bakugo. It was only a matter of time before someone was bold enough to start asking him the right questions, and Bakugo was that guy. I’m glad that they did not mince words here. For the most part is was just Bakugo talking, yet it was captivating how he was simply putting all the pieces together. It really proved that he isn’t the guy to underestimate as a critical thinker. What catches you off guard here, is what he does by the end of the conversation. It was a fitting reaction to the answer he got, and honestly I wouldn’t mind to see how Midoriya responds.

My Hero Academia “A Talk About Your Quirk” was a good wrap-up of the Provisional License Exam. This episode was all that you would expect from that point where everything is winding down for the next story arc to begin.

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