My Hero Academia “All For One” Review


We’ve all had something to look forward to from this raid unfolding, but the title of this episode shakes things up big time. When you read “All For One”, that can only allude to one guy, and that one guy is the currently the big bad of this series. That means there’s some hype to live up to considering the week that was spent building up to the heroes springing into action, and the students stumbling upon an equally terrifying discovery.

What the students stumble upon was a shocking development for how this captured the depths to these villain’s madness. A farm of Nomu? Just one of those things is hard enough to deal with, let alone a whole army of them. Now with that said, I was only a bit disappointed with how things turned out on their end. Not too eventful in spite of them saying that this was supposed to be a dark experience. Maybe they didn’t mean the students?

When it came to the team of pro heroes approaching the time of the raid, there was a terrible sense of suspense since knowing what the students run into didn’t guarantee that they would end up in the right place either. I mean we know that they do end up with the right location, but that also didn’t mean that their first try would be successful unlike the students. The moment came swift and with great execution. It was definitely easy to underestimate the pro heroes after everything up to this point, and I think that is what made the first part to this rescue so thrilling. To also get to that point where things would go wrong wasn’t a bad development either this episode. There was some fear that not enough would happen with so many moving pieces.

This leading to the story of Shigaraki made sense of his connection to All For One was short and sweet, making sense of his deep hatred for the hero world. I do hope there will be more to it in time, but for now every bit matters in the long run. As a first introduction to All For One, I was impressed by the entrance he made. Without fully revealing himself he rocked the world of everyone who thought that this was going to be a quick wrap-up.

Bakugo for once was admirable for the way he rejects the offer to be part of the League of Villains. We all joke that maybe Bakugo’s attitude would lead him down the path of villainy, but this situation he found himself in challenged that theory. He turned doubt into excitement for his rebellious streak.

The continued focus on the press conference keeps pushing the idea of this world evolving with the consistent villain attacks. That is how you maintain what is a superhero world. For all of this madness going on, there has to be public reaction, a spin on the media perspective, and real world consequences for what can’t always be seen as a victory. So far they have genuinely woken up the hero world that they have become too complacent as of late. The teachers luckily understand this, Midoriya could see through it all, and that alone was better than going through a cycle of everyone playing right into what is pretty much a trap set by the villains. Aizawa showed a different side to him that stood out most. Even if the press was pushing for the answers they wanted, he stayed true to what we know about his calm demeanor.

The mission to eliminate the League of Villains has indeed begun and My Hero Academia “All For One” wasted little time getting into the moments of triumph and terror. This was always something to prepare for to be easier said than done, but that didn’t mean the pill was easy to swallow once the main boss entered the playing field. I don’t know if this will be the big fight that everyone speaks of between All Might and All For One, but if it is? The week(s) to come will be brutal to anticipate for anyone who is only watching the anime like myself.

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