My Hero Academia “Class 1-A” Review


As far as first rounds go for an exam, you have to give it to My Hero Academia that they know how to engage you in real stakes. It started with the idea that only the first one-hundred to score in the first round would move on, and then from there it was the urgency and intensity which kept rising as these students realized how just about anything could happen between the start and finish. Especially with the establishing of coordination that gave plenty an edge over the rest.

Todoroki’s fight went surprisingly how you would have pictured it int the end. When I first read how quick the fight actually went in the manga, I figured they wouldn’t stretch it out too far except to show something a bit flashy. Not a problem of course since Todoroki found himself in a position where he could prove that despite all of that power, it takes a sharper mind to accomplish taking on that many enemies at once. If there was any takeaway from his encounter, it was the little things such as taking notice of the set-up for the exam, and the clear tension between Todoroki and Inasa Yoarashi from Shiketsu High. The reason for it isn’t understood, but a good establishing of what to look out for.

In my opinion, the highlight of this episode goes to Yaoyorozu, Tsuyu, Shoji, and Jiro work together against the students of Seiai Academy. I was very worried about the way they would approach the rest of the student’s progression. What I loved most about My Hero Academia has been the well-rounded cast of characters. Even those with the smaller quirks somehow got the attention they deserved. I mean, I wouldn’t save any of these four have weak quirks, but when they aren’t Midoriya, Lida, Todoroki, or Bakugo? Sometimes the cliche instantly kicks in when it comes to who they would care to focus on more. Fortunately that was not the case with this group. Not having the most flashy quirks meant that there was more focus placed on how they used their quirks in unison. Not to mention how much they rely on one another which was very important given all these characters have been through up to this point. With that said, Seiai Academy was the perfect counter to their quirks. Their quirks were creative and nothing to overlook if they weren’t only aiming to fight people who they could predict the actions of.

There was somewhat of a rush on other things going on, but I didn’t feel entirely affected by the choice. There’s only so much you can focus on at once. So I’m glad they chose a group that could shake things up a bit.

What should never go unnoticed is the perspective of Aizawa on the sidelines. He is a character who I thought was going to quickly become one-dimensional because of his attitude and personality towards teaching. Since these students overcame obstacle after the other, you could see the way he has changed, and even the way he can be encouraging. His faith in the student is admirable when he shows confident through an ability to allow these students to figure things out for themselves. He doesn’t hand them anything, and the best results come from them proving they are where they belong. His conversation with Joke consistently display all of this, even if it does seem like he’s being condescending.

Something else to take notice of from a visual point of view is how these other school show more uniformity than UA. Not by the way they work as a team, but by the way they look as one. The contrast between most others and UA is vast considering the UA students show more individuality. Something which automatically propels some of them forward when they are becoming more of the heroes that they want to be rather than representing a group body. With that said, I appreciated the students who showed some originality to their costumes based on their quirk. They seemed to be the ones who were most important to look out for.

My Hero Academia “Class 1-A” is so far the better episode of this Provisional Exam. This episode had heart, it had action, and it wasted no time when there is an emphasis placed on pacing.

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