My Hero Academia “Climax” Review


Nothing too good comes out of a fight like this when you call it “Climax”. Not when you have these students going up against the likes of a Hero Killer: Stain. With that said, this ha been an awesome fight so far. Five-percent of Midoriya’s power is awesome! And this new control of Midoriya’s combined with Shoto using both halves of his power? A team up like this is worth the wait even if there is the somewhat predictable element of Lida and his lust for vengeance.

I must say this was an astounding for a fight that took ten minutes. There was some fear about how the fight would end, but only because this Lida who is too overcome with emotion you use his head. Now with that said, this didn’t stop My Hero Academia from once again fighting against the cliche. Lida while at the last-minute did show us that he isn’t someone to overlook. You feel so taken by what Midoriya and Shoto have to offer that it was all too easy to forget what he was capable of as well till his moment of redemption could come. The animation of these three students in action was even a step up from the episode before. It’s funny how far they pushed forward since the sports festival. A lot of them proved their metal, but it was here against Hero Killer: Stain that they could really put their heads into a fight. There were some weaknesses from Midoriya and Shoto to take from this confrontation though that is the kind of experience they require at a time like this as well.

What impressed me about this episode was the appeal given to Endeavor. When his personal drive to be number one is all you see of him he is easily the most unlikable, but when you see him in the zone it is as if you are getting to know the guy all over again. There will likely come a time where we will be reminded of what it is not to like about Endeavor, though until then this was our chance to understand what made him badass enough to hold the number two spot.

Hero Killer: Stain again was a creative villain to introduce. The meaning behind his attacks against heroes makes sense, his drive is untouchable, and he is something to fear when you challenge what he stands for. Even after an episode like this I still find it hard not to agree with his views of the world, but regardless you just can’t roll with the idea of culling the hero population to make that point. I only hope that in time we can get this kind of depth from Shigaraki. He’s a great villain himself for what chaos he creates, though I’m sure there will be a time when you will need a little more than that from him on top of finding out just who it is he works for. The climax I feel they executed perfectly for the fact that this guy almost stands as the end all. You know his power, you know his goals, yet sometimes that isn’t enough to take down guys like him. I got chills when they were teasing us with how this would end.

This episode went pretty fast, but that didn’t stop it from still being action-packed. My Hero Academia you give credit where it is due because they do not waste your time with what isn’t moving the story forward. They wrapped up what the other heroes were up to nicely enough without us feeling like they are a distraction. Just knowing they exist and they were out there handling business is enough rather than needing full conversations from them or their whole life story.

As a climax, My Hero Academia delivered and then some this week. If this is what its like to work under an internship, then boy are these kids lucky. No punches were pulled in this experience and definitely takes us into their next step in evolution into the heroes they need to be.

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