My Hero Academia “Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2.” Review


After the events of last week’s episode of My Hero Academia, I could not wait for today’s special treat. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Deku finally hit Bakugo with that one-two that he’s been asking for? If we got anything less than that? I would be highly disappointed since moments like this are what rivalries are built from. This may not being a hero/villain kind of rivalry, but it is personal enough that fist would have to go flying one way or another.

Now despite what I wanted to see from this fight, My Hero Academia has a way of changing your perspective of the world around you, including the characters. I saw this as just another rivalry thing that needed to happen, but this turned out to be much more for Bakugo who was getting much more out of this confrontation. I mean, I was expecting that this was all for the same hateful reasons. I walked away with nothing short of feeling impressed that this fight happened because Bakugo really needed a reflection upon where he stands trying to become a hero in contrast to Midoriya. I was almost heartbroken when he finally allowed himself to speak the truth about what was weighing him down all this time. Everyone else in some way has expressed the way they felt about the recent villain attacks and what developed afterwards, but there was so much more that was unspoken for Bakugo who indirectly finds himself at the center of it all.

On the other hand, I enjoyed that this was a time where Midoriya was finally able to speak his mind. He always got so caught up in having a yelling match with Bakugo, that he never was able to take a step back and actually understand what was coming out of his mouth. It took long enough, but I loved the realization when that time came.

All-Might was definitely in the same boat as Midoriya, with that said. Both of them get so caught up in their own world, that they can neglect the things that they aren’t seeing on the surface about people. Heroics and everything is one thing, but understanding people is where they can come up a bit short. I enjoyed that All-Might was able to see where he screwed up and address it in a way that could satisfy both of them. Well mostly Bakugo who has needed to find a new fire in him. For all that the teachers said that they were aware of when it came to Bakugo, none of them actually went out of their way to have a real conversation with him like All-Might did. That made this a crucial moment towards Bakugo’s overall growth.

With all of that set aside, the fight itself was amazing. The only disappointment I ever had with Midoriya up to this point was the lack of application he has had towards his growth. He got a few shinning moments to pull off some flashy stunt with his powers, but we never got to see how they would actually measure in a fight. Especially a fight where he isn’t worrying about hurting himself in the process. Everything about the fight sequence was thrilling for the fact that there was a good mix of physical combat on top of the use of quirks. You could tell that both Midoriya and Bakugo knew how to deal with one another, which kept things very fluent. Great hits, followed by excellent counters, and both really pushed their limits when realizing that it would take something big to put the other down. Even if things were subtle after this episode, this was more than enough to satisfy till the next crazy plot unfolds.

My Hero Academia “Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2.” was without a doubt another episode that you could put on repeat for a memorable fight that showcases the stunning animation work of this series. You wouldn’t think raw power versus explosions could make for such a mind-blowing fight, and yet it did. I know these two would never go for the kill against each other, but it will always make you wonder what it would look like on that kind of battleground.

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