My Hero Academia “Drive it Home, Iron Fist!!!” Review


Last week served us our first big battle of this season and it did not disappoint one bit. Who would have guessed these students would already be thrust into their next big life or death encounter? Izuku I’m sure blew us all away when he finally tapped into the full potential of his power, but also at what price? The way that episode ended as well sent chills down our spines when there is a student’s arm left in the middle of the forest path. We know who was in the direction of that villain, however, that doesn’t tell us whose arm and if they survived when the idea is to avoid rather than engage.

The next step for Izuku was commendable when we knew that these injuries wouldn’t keep him from springing back into action and help others the best he could. It was a tough pill to swallow that he may have a few things to answer for once this is all over, but he did serve as the right spark for the rest of the students to be given permission to engage the enemy. Taking into account the title of this episode, it wasn’t hard to imagine that Tetsutetsu was the center of attention, which in turn meant that there was a fight to look forward to at some point. His personality is a little too familiar to some, but I enjoyed his charisma and need to prove that he can do as much as anyone else from class 1-A given the same opportunity. Now the struggle he faced was rough when up against a villain who took him outside of his comfortzone. It helped that the fight that he got into was also a team effort. Both really showed what they are capable of despite not having overly powerful quirks like some others.

I did like at the end of the day they gave relevance to Kota being around. Of course there was the moral story that is understanding what heroes signed up for when they put their lives on the line, but they still had to make sure that Kota would not turn into your cliche of an obstacle which held others back.

Seeing the big picture from Shigaraki’s perspective was appreciated at this stage of the attack. It was fairly shocking to see that Bakugo of all students would be their target. A surprise layer added to what was already their hit-list of those involved with the detaining of Stain in Hosu. It may have been a little convenient that some of the villains couldn’t keep their mouths shut about their intentions, though luckily they still make up for what lacks upstairs with their skill.

Class 1-A’s homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa, was the hero to see in action this episode when his fate was left up in their air after getting blindsided by Dabi. The first part of his fight didn’t go the way you might have anticipated, but everything after that was still worth tuning in for. Especially when we needed that reaction from him that added to the urgency of the situation. He planned for this down to the very last detail, and yet somehow still he finds himself caught in the middle of another villain assault where the students are spread too thin to properly protect like before.

How this all leads into one of the students losing control was a point of interest for me. We found out who was hurt in the confrontation with Moonfish, and who we need to watch out for when the night is indeed dark and full of terrors.

My Hero Academia “Drive it Home, Iron Fist!!!” continues to intensify this situation when there are troubles across the board. Everyone has something or someone to worry about at this point, and it is simply a matter of when we get around to the part they play. Especially when there are still a few villains who we have not seen fully engage yet.

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