My Hero Academia “End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End” Review


These past few weeks have been hectic. Kidnapping, a huge rescue operation, and the greatest clash of the series so far between the world’s greatest hero and the world’s most terrifying villain. That’s a lot to process in a short amount of time, and it seems that this week will be the one they take to properly address the fallout. Meaning where characters go from here, how they feel about recent developments, and how the world will change from the number one hero being forced out of commission.

I’m not going to lie, because I’m not one of the fans who reads and watches, there was part of me that really thought that fight for All Might was it. That that point was where they would pull the plug on him altogether, and without the chance to live on as a regular person. Giving him that chance to experience what its like to just be a regular guy again was a great decision. He still had a lot to process about what was revealed during the fight, and still had what he needed to do in order for One For All to properly be passed down. The scolding of Midoriya went how you would picture it when it was about time that he finally started acting like a mentor again. If anything was neglected in the series, it was All Might actually training him in power and sense. Nonetheless, it was a touching moment shared between the two of them.

For Endeavor, it was no shock at all how he would take being the new number one hero. You piece together his reaction during the All Might/All For One fight and what you saw of his fit of rage following the fight, and it wasn’t hard to see that he was not ready to take his throne by technicality. Truthfully, that’s another thing in the past two weeks that has made me appreciate this guy more. For everything smug and standoffish about Endeavor, he has worked for what he wanted.

The school’s big decision moving forward was quite shocking, but it was also about time. There was always something off about the way the school ran, and one of those fixes they decided to make was a long time coming. Who they sent to the student’s parents for permission was interesting, but not more than how exciting the opportunity is to finally get to see some of the parents of these students. The apple did not fall far from the tree for some of them. It was more hilarious in the case of Bakugo. Now it was the interaction with Midoriya’s mom that shakes things up. It was unexpected how she would react to this, but you could also have seen her reaction coming seeing how a lot of her feelings have been bottled up and tossed aside up to this point. She truly was the push that All Might needed to realize what it means to be a teacher. It drives me crazy that he couldn’t figure that out till now, but honestly better now than later.

The police finally taking the villains situation was a good step forward. For as many precautions taken by the pro heroes, this is still a world where the police still have their own end to work. They of course were upfront and center for the action, but the investigation side of things was not present. Especially when it came to addressing the fallout from each big assault by the league. This was a good contrast in general to what we were seeing from civilian perspective and media in the previous episodes.

It goes without saying that transitioning from last week’s episode, it was nice to see at least one other person connecting some dots about Midoriya. It made no sense that those closest to him can’t get that hint in one way or another. You wouldn’t want them to actually know, but you also don’t want them to see too blind to what’s right in front of them.

My Hero Academia “End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End” was one of the better follow-up episodes to a big event. There was progress, evolution, character development, and above all there was real drama. Not the cliche kind of drama that turns into a screaming match that hurts your eardrums.

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