My Hero Academia “Gear Up For Final Exams” Review


More than a week without My Hero Academia was painful. Its one of those anime that you just really look forward to when a season is ongoing. Part of me wants to say it is hard to believe that time has flown by for these students, but it’s actually not too hard to believe. Not to say unbelievable with the term they have had so far. Fighting real villains, competing against each other, fighting more villains, and taking on internships. They are getting more than the full experience of upcoming heroes if you ask me.

This episode was just as the title says being more of a build-up to the final exam than anything else. After the back to back incidents and events, its good to see that all those things stated above are really setting in when it comes to these students fearing for the time they have actually had to be so to speak academic students. Some are clearly up for the challenge by nature, though it was good to see how the rest of them adjusted to what they have to do to prepare. The character dynamics here were a point of interest as well because you wouldn’t have really guessed how many of them click when interacting. Easier of course when you only have that one toxic student in the class, and better when there are still characters who at this stage we still have much to learn about aside from their capabilities or quirks.

Getting to know Yao-Momo a bit more was a treat. You know I always expected her to be a bigger character than she has been so far, though this might be a step in the right direction. I mean she was interesting enough that they were able to focus on her during the internship, so who’s to say this might be a point for her elevate in relevancy. Especially when you want to highlight the students who aren’t all about their quirks.

While for the most part this was build-up, I was surprised that we do actually get around to the exam beginning. I liked this a lot for the fact that My Hero Academia never disappoints when it comes to pacing. I admit that many animes make me cringe when you get around to written tests and they drag out what is basically nothing but dramatization. Better than getting around the written part of the final exam was actually getting to the practical portion of it that we knew the students were not prepared for. The actual test as we all know is for the students in teas of two to face off against a teacher. That was much more preferred to what this could have actually turned out to be. The teams picked were intriguing because some of them you’ve never seen work together in this capacity, and some of them simply just don’t work well with teams on the surface. The first taste of what a fight with teachers is like was exciting. These teachers thought through what they wanted to get out of the students they faced against and what the students would have to prove to them in order to pass.

That scene at the start of the episode, while whimsical it was a good few minutes they took to show that the world is still turning around these students. Little other things really mattered more than what they seemed on the surface. There was one character in particular here that we see nothing but attitude from and while his direction may be predictable, you do want to see where his downward spiral takes him. I mean you can end up being someone like Endeavor, or you can turn out to be something worse.

My Hero Academia “Gear Up For Final Exams” was worth the wait of not having an episode last week. Great build-up to the final exams, and the exam itself excellent for the limits it will push for some of these students who have much to prove for what they have been through this term.

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