My Hero Academia “Hero Killer: Stain Vs U.A. Students” Review


Mind my language, but shit hit the fan pretty fast. If anyone was thinking this story arc would be any bit toned down moving on from the sports festival, they surely have been proven wrong. My Hero Academia keeps rolling with the punches as both heroes and villains make some big moves that shake up the very direction you may have thought this was heading in. Midoriya has a new chance to test himself and Lida unfortunately finds an unquenchable need to confront Stain of all people.

You can call this a moment of convenience or inconvenience, but any way you look at it this was a crazy situation to develop. Seeing Gran Torino in a real fight was a treat. Training Midoriya only showed us so much of what he is capable of. This fight is the way to show what someone can do in a pinch. Nomus were the perfect enemy to throw at the heroes this time around. Just one was enough to push All Might to go beyond his limits, this many is what you call madness. This kind of move showed just how driven Shigarak was to tear down everything that feels like there’s order to it. I was quite surprised by the number of heroes both familiar and new that popped up here. It would have been too convenient if it was only Torino and Midoriya to answer the call. So even just the number of them on scene made this a believable confrontation.

I’m not going to lie, being a villain, there’s not much you should like about Hero Killer: Stain. However, his dialogue and motivations are written so well that you can’t help but agree with him on some of the points he makes about heroes. Truthfully there is some legitimacy to the things he says in more ways than one. Not just when talking about the heroes of this world either. How Lida’s encounter with Stain went was predictable from the start, though it is what happened after which grabbed your attention most. I loved that as well as finally seeing what Torino could do in a real fight, so could we with Midoriya. If this is just what Midoriya is capable of with this little control over his powers, he will be a beast when he reaches a level that will make him more than formidable. Without a doubt the fruits of his labor showed. Who else shows up to help made this even better. What we all may have looked for after the sports festival was how certain students would evolve from their encounters. This was one hero who you have to love more from his growth since then.

It made a lot of difference that this kind of battle he gets into is where we could finally understand the kind of quirk he has. You knew that he had to cut people, and you knew it had something to do with blood, yet there were details that you couldn’t have assumed without the full experience of Stain.

My Hero Academia “Hero Killer: Stain Vs U.A. Students” was as intense as you could have hoped it to be. The fight with the Nomus was neglected to some extent, but I think most would have rather the focus placed on Hero Killer: Stain versus the students. The character growth showed, the action was more than satisfactory, and damn I can’t get over how good Midoriya looks with this new control over his powers.

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