My Hero Academia “Katsuki Bakugo: Origin” Review


Midoriya and Bakugo since the start we knew would be one heck of a round to watch when not only do they have to work together, they have to do so to take on the likes of All Might. We also know that we would get the best action out of this when we are dealing with two of the most explosive quirks of the class next to Shoto’s. For the sake of pacing this exam has been well-organized to the point where the big round has a full episode to take advantage of.

I’m kind of surprised that this team-up with Midoriya and Bakugo would be where they decide to do an origin for Bakugo. It actually couldn’t have come at better time when we have more of a need than before to know the path that he is heading in. Is he going to be a hero? Or is he going down a path that will lead him to the dark side? I mean the kid does spend an uncomfortable amount of time talking about killing people who get in his way. My only disappointment was that this wasn’t exactly an origin for Bakugo rather than establishing what we know about him and forcing him to accept the type of person he is. That’s not to say what we got out of Bakugo didn’t satisfy because we at least for now know what we can expect out of him moving forward. It will still be a bumpy road for the jerk, but you have to give him credit where it is due that he is not someone who will go down without a fight.

The tension between these two definitely shakes you up a bit. Up till this practical exam, Midoriya and Bakugo have never had a real line of conversation. Even now they struggled to do more than yell at one another. It’s a tough pill to swallow seeing the amount of hate Bakugo can have for someone who has never genuinely wronged him. He sees enemies everywhere he turns and Midoriya just so happens to be the channel for a lot of those frustrations. I like the aggression that Midoriya was as well beginning to show. It made a difference to see him stand his ground where he might usually let someone like Bakugo walk all over him. Their fight was worth spending a full episode to soak in. You couldn’t have asked for a better action sequence put together by two of the most explosive students in the class. I was actually hoping to see a bit more from Midoriya, though this was the best time to capture what makes Bakugo so formidable. Before we had seen what makes him so capable as a combatant comfortable with the use of his powers. This time around we got a taste of what happens when someone with a quirk like him pushes it to the limit. It was a wonderful sight despite cringing at the consequences.

This version of All Might was terrifying. We’ve seen what a real fight looks like when dealing with someone on his level and these two are not even close to that. It was also the second time we have seen the demonstration of fear generated through intimidation alone. All Might really was the best person to throw at these two since he clearly overpowers them and knows both well enough to force them out of their habits.

Aside from this, it is good to see that they can find the time for even the tiniest scene that shows some world-building. The exam is cool, but with that over it is smart to give us a hint as to what we can look forward to after. This does feel like setting us up for a dark turn to the series.

You always save the best for the last, and nothing could have topped what we got out of My Hero Academia “Katsuki Bakugo: Origin”. Midoriya and Bakugo still have ways to go, and hopefully there will be more situations for Bakugo in particular to grow out of the things that do hold him back. His story isn’t as emotional as it was to get to know Shoto, but his story is genuine which is all you could want from someone with his hard exterior.

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