My Hero Academia “Kota” Review


It was pretty jaw-dropping when the realization last week came that after everything these students have been through in a short amount of time, the power of their quirks did not improve. If there was any way to shake things up on this field trip, they dropped one heck of a bomb on the student’s laps. Regardless, it was only a matter of time before they got this kind of training eventually since most other lessons involved the application of their quirks rather than the improvement upon it.

Going through their quirk enhancement was exciting from the start. We had Todoroki trying to improve his control over both fire and ice by finding a balance in power. Bakugo found himself improving the output of his explosions through inconvenience, and then you had Midoriya takikng that next step to increase the percentage of One For All that he can generate. It helped to see everyone in action as well like Tokoyami, Kaminari, Kirishima, Ochaco etc are all improving as well. I like that everything in some way turned into training while also diving deeper into what makes some of their quirks tick. Not focusing on just one person was the smart move overall for the sake of pacing. This was more of a training montage which should in turn create more progress in a short amount of time.

Despite the point of interest being the training right now, that didn’t mean the focus of the episode being Kota. We were always bound to run into a character like him, so even if he is an utter turn-off, he fills a role in this kind of world. One where there are those who don’t want to see anything positive about a world where heroes and villains exist. If anything was worth attaching yourself to, it was how Midoriya pushed to break through to this kid. It was at this time that I again couldn’t help but love this character because he isn’t your generic main character who screams every sentence and tries to force you to change. You can always be personal without the confrontation as Midoriya proves.

Small developments and progression with the villains were worth tossing in there when we knew that currently this is the calm before the storm. All the preparation and planning gave us a good idea of what we have to expect from some of them. When the time came to make their move, the execution of their moment was perfect for the fear that instantly set in. I was fairly impressed with the little time that they wasted for things to get back. One thing we’ve pretty much gotten used to at this point is that something is always going to happen whether good or bad. In most cases it will be situations like this unfolding because these villains are far too eager to make their presence known. Next week couldn’t come sooner enough when this is the time for students and heroes to step up to the plate and show what they bring to the table in combat against elites.

The focus on class-B was welcomed as well. We might be dealing with a large cast of characters right now, but they have not disappointed yet when proving why everyone matters or has a role to play in the bigger picture. Not to mention there is no lack of fun in discovering what others can do. Particularly when their quirk wasn’t enough to get them to class-A.

My Hero Academia “Kota” wasn’t too much of an episode about Kota, but we got enough about the direction they seem to be taking with this kid. Aside from that, three episodes in and this season is already off to a great start with action around every corner. How the tone of this arc changed so fast was thrilling regardless of if you are someone who is already ahead in the manga.

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