My Hero Academia “Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past” Review


After the events of the last story arc, it only felt right that we would be able to get around to what the rest of the students are up to during their internships. Even better that they didn’t push this part of their studies too far. An internship to me would take some time, so glad they found a good pace a way to progressing through this chapter without losing us to what could have pulled us in one too many directions.

The last conversation between Gran Torino and Midoriya took some time to get to, but it was worth the wait. It was serious and straight to the point about the things both of them needed to say to one another. Not that his explanation of how Midoriya used his powers before wasn’t important, but there wasn’t anything too personal either for someone who actually chose Midoriya personally.

With that said, it was a good feeling to head back to the classroom where everyone could catch up on what they were up to all that time. When getting around to each of the students I grew appreciative that not all of them were given a heavy focus on. Some of them would have definitely ruined the atmosphere set by the others because they were too whimsical. Well that or we don’t know enough about them yet for you to feel enough investment towards their internship. Just that one scene during this episode with a certain character proved me right.

It made sense at the same time that getting back to class would mean that it is time for these students to put their new experience to the test. Very glad that they wasted little time with this. They could have easily dragged things along till some big fight breaks lose, though it is more natural to see them tested based on class curriculum. Pacing is one of the things they do best and this was just one of many reasons why when the class jumps into this obstacle race with objective. This was a worthy test for Midoriya in particular. They sped through this pretty fast and skipped over many, but just bringing Midoriya into the spotlight felt like a priority. The others we can get around to eventually if there is something new to see. By the way this ended for him in particular is still one of the things I love about My Hero Academia. This is one big ass climb for him. He has all the potential and power at his disposal, but they never let our main character fall to the cliche of winning too easily without struggle.

The conversation with All Might was just as critical at a time like this as Grand Torino’s parting words for Midoriya. When it came time to explain the origin of One For All, the truth was unexpected. You would have thought this to be pretty straightforward just to get around to some no name from the past, but they dropped one hell of a bomb on our laps. One that connects to what’s going on with the sate of villains currently and how it is important for there to be someone capable with One For All at a time like this. It sucks that All Might is still withholding from Midoriya, though it means a lot that you can see where he cares for seeing him move forward rather than crumble over something that shouldn’t worry him yet.

My Hero Academia “Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past” is another episode which propels us forward in understanding this world we have stepped into. In order to understand the way the world works now, a trip through the past was more than necessary. Especially when One For All has such an impact on this war between good and evil. If you didn’t have a reason to see Midoriya reach his full potential, you should now if there is someone out there with a power that rightfully rivals this.

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