My Hero Academia “Midoriya and Shigaraki” Review


Really I didn’t think so soon that these students would be out there practically interning with other professional heroes. Personally I might think that they are a bit too green despite what they have been through up to this point. Regardless it is a good step forward as the next chapter for these would be heroes is a more hands on experience from professionals. It is a crucial point for many of them to figure out the kind of hero they need to be which makes sense given what everyone is capable of in action. Especially Deku who somehow only now figures out he should be dispersing his power throughout his whole body rather than one limb.

As I said before this will be a very engaging chapter if done right, though it only sucks that now everyone is pretty split up, which means we won’t be seeing everyone as much as we did previously. Regardless, compared to the rest of the students, Midoriya has the longest way to unlock the full potential of his powers. Its kind of funny that for all the hype that is All Might, he isn’t even the best at explaining just what the power is. Makes you almost wonder what would happen if he had chosen a successor who already had a quirk beforehand. Gran Torino I have to say off the bat is one of my favorite professional heroes that they have introduced. For such a simple power, it is quite impressive in the way he uses and applies it in combat. This actually made him the best person to mentor Midoriya compared to others. Aside from that, he is hands on and has the experience that you shouldn’t overlook.

Seeing Midoriya fight with this new control over his powers was a treat. I still can’t believe it took him this long to think that he should spread the power throughout his body, but better now than later. Nonetheless this is exciting compared to the level he was fighting at before. What started out as just training evolved into something more. I could not have seen any way that a situation could escalate, but that is exactly what happened. Not a moment’s rest in My Hero Academia and they pulled it off with good pacing.

The little bit of learning from the others as well is entertaining. I do hope we aren’t pulled in too many directions at once so that we can get the most out of them with time. The only exception I would give to this is Lida, you just can’t ignore what he’s planning to do when they said he is walking down the wrong path. You would have never seen a character like him as the one to be consumed by vengeance until his brother was attacked. This is the most surprising change for any of them and worth the exploration even if only a step at a time each passing week. That’s not to say that he doesn’t get somewhere important in this episode of My Hero Academia. His rash actions here might be what sparks the regret Midoriya spoke of.

Now the developments which have come from the attacks on SJU have been a slow crawl, but we get a little more with each passing episode that gives us something to look forward to. Especially when it comes to these villains who are planning something big. You have Shigaraki on one hand who is just insane about bringing down the hero world, and then you have Hero Killer: Stain who is just as devout in his own goals. Truthfully I found myself favoring Stain more than Shigaraki because there was a stronger reasoning for the things he does. He steps outside the box of your average villain who might just kill a hero because he can. It was pretty intense to see just how these conflicting views of the world could possibly pulls these forces into an alliance. What comes out of their encounter was the best way to keep things interesting on the villain front.


My Hero Academia “Midoriya and Shigaraki” started out as one thing and blew up into something else entirely. I was quite taken back to see that things wouldn’t be as straightforward as you were thinking. So much execution came from this one episode that sets us on a number of paths whether hero or villain.

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