My Hero Academia “One For All” Review


The last episode of My Hero Academia was quite tragic when it finally brought us to that ill-fated moment for All Might. The point where he would confront someone strong enough that he simply could not maintain his form. This is a long time coming, but still this is a moment we look forward to when he will dig deep to possibly release a terrifying power that should rival All For One’s. I mean the headline says more than enough, “The Showdown Between the Symbol of Peace and the Great Evil Concludes!“. It’s all or nothing here and this world won’t be the same after.

Everything about this battle came with urgency and fear for how it would conclude. We all knew that this would be the end for All Might, yet that didn’t mean that he was going to survive this. When the fight grew in intensity, it did not disappoint one bit. Both All For One and All Might were fatigued, but that is what made them so deadly at this point. Especially when All For One at this point was willing to throw everything at All Might to make sure that this was it for him. I mean that was a devastating combination of powers he put on display to match what is so terrifying about All Might’s strength.

All For One is what you get when you truly write a villain with intentions and motivations. Too many writers out there like to bullsh*t fans with the idea that your villain needs to be redeemable or sympathetic to grab your attention. Well All For One begs to differ on that opinion. He proved that the best way to start something is to unapologetically step over everything you stand for and believe in. Through his villainous monologue we even learned some deep seeded plans that rocked the very core of what All Might thought he was fighting. To see that everything he has done to fight back evil has been a slap in his face was gut wrenching. Words aside, the blows between the two was cringeworthy. Neither held back, and it was exciting to see what it is like when two people of that power level hold nothing back. All of it makes you wonder what kind of uphill climb Midoriya will have to reach that kind of strength, or beyond.

I have to say that it was a delightful surprise when they finally showed the face of who came before All Might. I never really looked deeply into the silhouette up till now, and that is what made the reveal so awesome. It was not how you pictured his master to be, but at the same time everything about his master’s personality and ideals made sense of who he became now. I would love to see what kind of power All Might’s master had before it was passed down.

World-building continued to be key for this story arc when public opinion of heroes changes drastically when seeing All Might in action. It was moving when after all their recent skepticism they were able to table that disappointment with the hero community to cheer on the one guy who never disappointed them. There’s one thing you can’t deny about All Might, and that is how he feeds off of the energy around him. People believing in him goes a long way, and they took that step further when both civilians and pro heroes were able to see past All Might’s regular state to see him through to his full potential. Endeavor’s reaction and response was truly a shocker when everything about him up to this point has made him unlikable in every sense of the word.

Only one complaint from me was where no one could overhear All For One talking about Midoriya picking up the mantle or the fact that All Might gave up his powers in general. Maybe this will be questioned down the road, but always one of those things that I can’t help but notice in some of these series when a character is talking pretty loud.

My Hero Academia “One For All” proved why this is not the anime series to sleep on. You get real action, a true line drawn between good and evil, and consequences that shake everything up entirely. This arc was a genuine passing of the torch to Midoriya, and hopefully this is where his rise actually begins.

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