My Hero Academia “Roaring Upheavel” Review


Trouble is everywhere these students turn in this forest. Two out of seven villains have been taken down, the worst are still out and about, and we still haven’t seen all of them fully in action. This week escalates the situation when the danger isn’t even just League of Villains that they have to deal with. The minute this assault took place at night, and with one uncontrollable student during such times, it was only a matter of time before we got to see what happens when Tokoyami is fully powered and Dark Shadow off its leash.

The School Trip arc was supposed to be the students of Class 1-A taking to the forest in order to bring the control of their Quirks to a new level, but who knew that some like Tokoyami would have this much power to control? This new obstacle created puts distance between the students and getting through the forest to Bakugo. Especially when they must figure out if this berserk Dark Shadow is more of a threat to Tokoyami or themselves. The focus on Shoji is something that shouldn’t be overlooked either. He was a student I thought would for the most part fall to the background without figuring out what made him tick. I’m glad that My Hero Academia isn’t one of those stories that neglects characters with potential beyond filling in space.

With that said, the action between dealing with Dark Shadow and how this spilled over into the encounter with Moonfish was both terrifying and brutal. I found myself satisfied with how they put a stop to this rampage while addressing what sent Tokoyami’s quirk on this rampage in the first place. Not to mention this was the perfect place to address another connection between these students that wasn’t seen before. They wisely knocked out two birds with one stone with excellent pacing. While they’re quirks are still improving, this was the time to establish how far they have matured mentally, as Aizawa said.

How they planned to protect Bakugo was also a point of interest for capturing that maturity. When given permission to engage the enemy, that switch was flipped pretty quickly for everyone to think about what adds to their chances of survival without limited options.

Now the tone of this episode quickly changed once it was time to address the problem that was Himiko. Understanding her quirk raised some hairs because of the madness and obsession that goes into using it. Some of the other students were at a disadvantage, but this was the first time where there was actual fear towards what could happen next. Seeing how some of the other students faired on their own was chilling as well. There was no one who had it easy aside from Bakugo and Todoroki. At the very least I was impressed by the restraint of killing off minor characters. There’s never a need for that unless it is meant to have a lasting impact, which is another reason to appreciate My Hero Academia.

All that aside, the villains themselves so far are very appealing for the personality put into each one of them. Not all of them we have seen fully unleashed, while others have delivered on ability and entertainment value. You would assume they might fall apart of the shared insanity, but predictable isn’t much of an option right now.

My Hero Academia “Roaring Upheavel” was shocking for how this assault on the students reaches the next stage, and who was taken away. If these student’s world wasn’t already rocked, they are all learning that there is nowhere to go but up when this cruel world isn’t going to give them room to breathe. I would hope that what follows next week is another version of these students that have a new fire lit under them. They should have to considering this attack was pretty personal and some of them have landed in a tricky situation.

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